The Mortgage Securitisation Claim - Explanatory Videos

We're going to show you a solution which, if successful, could clear or substantially reduce your existing mortgage balance, even after the payment of the 30% (incl. VAT) No Win - No Fee amount to a panel law firm representing your Mortgage Securitisation Claim. [Note: 25% + VAT= 30%]. 

In October 2016 You And Your Cash ("YAYC") interviewed Stephen Swain, Managing Director of Legal Quest Limited (now Legal Quest plc). YAYC wanted to complete due diligence prior to promoting the Mortgage Securitisation Claims on the Show. The results of that interview can be observed in the four videos below, which we strongly suggest you watch before reading on ...


Since the interview much has changed. Legal Quest Limited has become Legal Quest plc, and they are now Part 35 Expert Witnesses given their extensive research in the field of Mortgage Securitisation.  

Likewise, the structure of other parties involved in the overall claims process has also changed.  To learn more about the parties involved and their structure, you can watch the information video by clicking here.

You can also learn a lot about Mortgage Securitisation Claims, and by clicking here


If you want to find out whether or not your mortgage has been securitised you should:

  •  Learn more by clicking here, and then
  •  Enter your details here, and remember - a Mortgage Securitisation Claim costs £1.00 with WAIVER CODE "YAYC100" - so make a note of it!
  •  Once you've done that, email [email protected] to confirm you have signed up, enclosing the name of your mortgage lender and your five digit case number. 

Videos 1 - 4

Stephen Swain from Legal Quest explains Mortgage Securitisation and why you may wish to ascertain whether your Mortgage has been sold or securitised.


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