Debt Tactics with Mark Cawkwell

Sep 12, 2018

What is the Problem?

We received an email from Joe in Huddersfield. Joe says:

"I tend to lack confidence and think it would be very helpful if you interviewed someone who has had success using your methods. I need to know that there is light at the end of the tunnel and that the hard work and study will eventually pay off"

What To Do

You’re not alone Joe!

We've been enticed into a game we didn't know we were playing, and to make matters worse, the ethics of the game are well and truly rooted in the cut-throat World of Pirates (Bankers) and Blaggards (Politicians).

We totally understand that the outlook can appear bleak at times and this can cause fear and a lack of confidence to set in.

The Outline Solution

Get Informed! That's the first step.

You MUST educate yourself. If you don't understand the rules of the GAME you cannot possibly have any chance of winning the GAME.

You have two educations in this life:

the education "they" provide you with (which is not that great), and the education you give to yourself.

Possible Arguments Against You

It gives us a warm feeling inside and raises our spirits when we see people making a success of the methodologies we teach, especially when they achieve results for themselves and others.

In this show, we feature Mark Cawkwell, from the land of the Red Dragon: Wales.

Mark has attended quite a few Seminars over the years. Most importantly of all - he didn't just take our word for it - he used the Seminars as a platform upon which to build. He conducted his own due-diligence and he took the methodologies and ran with them.

The Almost Legal Info

Don't just believe what Bank Staff tell you. Here's why:

John left School aged 16. He got a job with a well known Bank. John attended a week long Induction Course during which he learnt about the Bank's history, their "alleged" ethos, and some of the key features of the Bank's main products.

It's a proven fact that most people only retain one third of the information presented to them during week long events such as an Induction Course - and that's assuming they pay attention.

John spent most of the course engaged in team building exercises which were used to encourage John to come out of his shell and trust his colleagues, most of whom, if not all, he had never met before.

John was required to undertake no specialist training with regards to law, commercial instruments, and or the inner workings of money creation yet after the Induction Course, John was back at the call-center providing advice to customers.

Question: is John an expert?

If the answer is "no" - why do you listen to people like John, and more importantly - why do you blindly trust people like John?

Do you honestly believe that John goes home at night and educates himself as to the finer points of law regarding his chosen profession?

If he did, what do you think would happen if he used his knowledge to  correct his bosses and or ask questions about the creation of money and loans? 

Helpful Paragraphs:

We mention three Seminars in the Show, all of which have been attended by our guest:

Need More Help?

It starts with you!

Only you can make the decision to learn something - you can lead a horse to water but you can't ......... therefore we cannot just plant information into your brain! You have to want to learn more!

Only you can decide to dedicate some time and effort to the cause.

If you want to see positive change on this planet then we suggest that you get educated. You can visit the ToolBox for an array of helpful educational materials.

If you want someone to assist you with debt issues you can contact our guest via his website:

Here's the direct contact page:


If you don't want to get involved on the "front-line" but are happy to add your support to the growing winds of change - you can donate to this website by visiting the ToolBox.

If you want access to lots of great information and entertaining video presentations - simply join the Insiders today.

We trust you found this Show interesting

Big Love

Simon and Mark
& the YAYC Team.

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