Some Fun Ways to Handle Nuisance Phone Calls

Jan 10, 2018

What is the Problem?

In this program, we thought we’d have a little fun and pass on some fiendish ways to deal with those unwanted calls, for unwanted products and services, from people you simply don’t want to speak with in the first place.

What To Do

Simply take inspiration from the ideas presented in this show and turn the tables of those nuisance callers
OH… And if you’d like to record them, we’d love to publish some of the best ones on – it could be yours!

The Outline Solution

When those pesky callers call – take charge and…

  • Decide if you want to take the call or not.
  • Refuse to reveal anything until they have proven that "they-are-who-they-say-they-are" and always be guarded with what you reveal, even if you are convinced that they're calling from a legit company.
  • If it’s from a company you do deal with.
    • Ask them to inform you what the call is about.
    • Perhaps tell them you’ll get back to them at a time that suits you, by calling on the official company number.
  • If it's from a company you don’t want to deal with –
    • Have a look at the video for some fiendish ideas.

Above all – Take charge of the call.

There is no help sheet accompanying this particular video as quite frankly - it's just a bit of fun.

For the more serious among you, fear not; we have alternate techniques which could enable you to walk away with some compensation!

But What About People Who Come to Your Door?

Most people would agree that standing your ground when talking to someone on the phone is easier than when your talking (or being talked to) face to face. That’s why we’ve prepared a short, but powerful training-course for you so you’ll be able to learn new skills, and feel confident when faced with these daunting situations.

We’ve all been there. Being confronted by some official-looking person who is trying to get you to agree with what they say, or simply just trying to get you to put your signature on some form or another, is not easy.

Just having someone turn up out-of-the-blue is not just inconvenient, it can be extremely annoying too, and in those circumstances it’s not unusual to get a dry mouth and forget what you want to say, and or perhaps feel pressured to do something that’s not good for you. If they are really being forceful and or obnoxious, it may be easy to lose one’s temper and say things you would not normally want to say (especially in front of the children).

The training can be completed very quickly and at your own pace, you’ll be shown how to answer the probing and personal questions these ‘official’ callers are asking, in ways that will confound them. Plus you’ll get a powerful tool that will totally cut straight through their BS and turn the tables on these official robots.

You won’t want to miss this training by any means.

Find out how you can become an expert ninja in: 'How to Get Rid of Unwanted Official Visitors' - visit the toolbox!

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