Lien Backed Currency

Dec 27, 2021

So here we go ...

you can now turn your claims for compensation and or damages against the Banks, and or other offending CORPORATIONS, into something exchangeable, without the need to use a CORPORATE controlled COURT SYSTEM.

Please watch the video above for full details. 

How does it work?

You turn your claim into a perfected lien security by following the administrative process explained in the Advanced Lien Creation Webinar (available to members from the toolbox).

Once perfected, you simply visit the toolbox and register your intention to Assign the Lien to YAYC.

Once the assignment has been executed, we'll send you a certificate detailing the number of Units of Beneficial Interest that you hold in the Trust (a common law trust).

Units of beneficial interest are called RaBytz, and you know what RaBytz are famous for? Multiplying!

The Certificate can be transferred, sold and or negotiated at any time.

Meanwhile, the trust will continue to accumulate lien assets, and along the way we intend to make the "value" of some assets available to holders of RaBytz.

At an appropriate time, when the trust assets have reached "critical-mass", we intend to Flip the Banking SYSTEM on its head ~ replacing fiat currency with lien currency backed by tangible assets (RaBytz).

We foresee RaBytz becoming a popular substance backed currency.

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