Major Announcement ~ The Redeclaration of an Unused State of Being

Jan 16, 2022

Please watch the announcement above. If the tools are used they could have extremely important ramifications for every man and woman on planet earth, and especially those:

  • linked to the freedom movement, and or
  • studying / researching law / common law and or
  • able to see the banking fraud and or
  • able to see the coronavirus and or vaccination scam.

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In light of the fraud, the scams and corruption ~ now comes the response from man.

Simon and Mark have been asked to present this very special announcement on behalf of TheCollective:


Good evening and welcome to this very special event.

This presentation is made on behalf of a group of well known alternative law speakers/researchers and teachers called TheCollective.


According to the EUROPEAN SPACE AGENCY there are between

100,000,000,000 (10 to the power of 11) and 1000,000,000,000 (10 to the power of 12) Stars in our Galaxy. There are between 100,000,000,000 (10 to the power of 11) and (10 to the power of 12) 1000,000,000,000 Galaxies in the Universe.

By that rationale there are between 10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 (10 to the power of 22) and 1000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 (10 to the power of 24) Stars in the Universe.

Our Sun is one of those Stars.

Now I want you to take a moment and try to picture in your mind the size of the universe and the sheer number of Stars. You are part of that universal system.

If we assume that each of those 1000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 Stars has somewhere between 1 and 10 planets orbiting it, then there may be up to 10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 planets in the universe of which only the Earth is home to man and woman.

We are the only 7,800,000,000 people in the entire Universe. The only 7.8 billion people!

There are enough solar systems out there for us to have more than 125 000 000 000 000 Solar Systems each.

Of all the planets and all the stars in the vastness of space, Earth is the only planet which is home to the intelligent sentient species called man.

I'd say that makes Earth special and unique.

I'd say that makes each of you special and unique too.

So how does a relatively small group of such intelligent, unique and diverse beings, co-exist on a rare, and bountiful planet?

A society of such beings has got to be something really special ... something to behold, right?

Given what I've just said, what would alien visitors to our planet expect to find?

I believe they would expect to find a society of people co-existing in peace ~ with love in their hearts, and a desire to enjoy and optimize their relatively short and sacred existence in this 3rd dimension.

I believe they would expect to find a society of people co-existing with tolerance and understanding, appreciative of one another's differences

Alas, that is not what our alien visitors would find.

What our alien visitors would find is a species of gifted, beautiful, intelligent beings who have organized themselves into sub-groups existing within imaginary boundaries called Countries.

And within each of those imaginary countries these intelligent rare beings have chosen to mistrust their own hearts, their own judgement, their own instincts and have instead, placed their trust in the very same people that have been employed to manage PUBLIC SERVICES.

In other words, you've chosen (as your Leaders) people that are supposed to manage your PUBLIC SERVICES.

Now, answer me this:

How well do your PUBLIC SERVANTS manage public services?

It doesn't matter which Country you identify with ~ ask yourself: how good are your PUBLIC SERVICES?

Do you get value for money?

Do they manage the public purse properly or do they use it to bail out their friends and family?

Do they fix the roads?

Do they clear the rubbish?

Do they solve crime?

Now let's take a moment to consider a few aspects of crime on Great Britain:

The police don't even call out to burglaries and have had their numbers reduced to such an extent that they are unable to investigate the big crimes because they are ill equipped and lack the training and expertise. They only have time to issue tickets and collect fines and penalties (which are alternate names for tax).

A few years back I spoke with a police officer from the financial crime team ~ she didn't know what a commercial instrument is.

How can you investigate crime in the financial sector if you have no basic comprehension of how it works?

The police force has been infiltrated and to some extent purposely populated with criminals... Just search the internet and you will find report after report of police officers being convicted of crimes, and that's just the crimes which have been brought to our attention. How many other crimes go undetected or are covered up?

Then you have to contend with this attitude which comes from the those managing PUBLIC SERVICES:

see Video: Sadiq Khan.

The fact is the police are ill equipped to deal with organized crime and they are poorly trained ~ not even understanding the difference between law and statute.

If they don't understand the difference between law and statute then it is impossible to know the limitations of Statute, and that inevitably leads to an incorrect application of Statute.

Back to these "LEADERS" ...

Do they help the poor and the needy?

Have they solved the housing crisis?

As a global population we produce enough food to feed 14 Billion people per annum.

Yet 1.5 Billion people are starving

And a further 2 Billion exist on what is commonly called the "breadline".

There's enough inhabitable land for each man,woman and child to have 8000 square meters of land each (assuming a population of 10 Billion and only 50% of the Earth's land mass as being inhabitable).

Yet 50% of the population exists on less than 1% of the land.

95% of the population exists on less than 7% of the land.

In other words less that 5% of the population controls more than 93% of the land according to figures from 2011.

And the key SERVANT-LEADERS (as we call them) tend to come from that very same 5% or have close family ties to that 5%.

Do I really need to go on?

These SERVANT-LEADERS have failed all of us.

On the WORLD STAGE these SERVANT-LEADERS often play the fool, acting like they're incompetent or stupid yet they are often educated at the best schools.

They are anything but incompetent.

They are cunning and they are shrewd. They are highly intelligent and they are out for themselves. They are liars and they have lied on a regular basis. Day after day, week after week, month after month, and year after year. They lie.

It was recently revealed in the UK that during the lock-down which lasted from December 2020 to July 2021, civil servants held a booze up every Friday night.

Boris Johnson attended a party during lock-down and has since claimed he didn't know it broke the rules, despite reading out the rules on TV.

He's not alone: in France, the health minister recently tested positive for COVID yet continues to work.

Politicians have imposed a broad set of restrictions which apply to you and not them!

Politicians can travel without restrictions and in many cases have no need of masks because COVID doesn't affect PUBLIC SERVANTS.

Now answer me this:

Do you seriously believe that politicians would break their own rules if they actually believed that the Coronavirus was as deadly and dangerous as they were making out?

If a Politician said:

"don't swim in that lake because it's full of crocodiles, alligators and piranhas" you wouldn't expect to see the same politician go take a swim in the lake, UNLESS he knew that he was telling you was rubbish.

Let's remember – since the word COVID has been introduced, we are now being told that normal flu has disappeared. It no longer exists ~ which is no big surprise given that Government Websites announced there would be a reclassification of flu cases ~ they would be called COVID cases.

Let's not forget, that COVID death rates included ANYONE dying up to 56 days AFTER they had been diagnosed with the flu, I mean COVID.

That was subsequently reduced to 28 days which is where it stands now.

Dying with COVID is NOT the same as dying of COVID.

Likewise, dying with two legs, is not the same as dying of two legs.

More recently, those who had a vaccination more than 100 days ago are being described as unvaccinated, and in Isreal, those who have had two vaccinations, are also described as unvaccinated which is great for creating headlines like:

"Hospitals full with unvaccinated."

This is a clear manipulation of the facts. In other words: it's a lie!

It's also been revealed that OMICRON statistics used to support the need for lock-downs last December were fabricated.

Between 1940 and 1979 the British Government conducted 100 chemical weapons tests on an unsuspecting British public.

When questioned - they lied about it. They also denied the existence of the testing program. In 2009 they finally admitted it.


The more you dig, the more lies you find. I know this be true because I have been digging since 2008.

So let's be clear ...

GOVERNMENTS are supposed to manage PUBLIC SERVICES, THEY do not MANAGE the people THEY serve.

They have misled you time and time again, and they have misled you in so many ways, in so many facets of your life. They have misled you when it comes to the law because they have NO RIGHT to tell you what to do.

This is proven by the fact that not one CODE, ACT, STATUTE, REGULATION applies to a man or a woman in their natural state of being ~ and that includes the alleged requirement to pay taxes.

Did you know that the payment of tax is voluntary?

There is simply no requirement/obligation to pay tax.

Let me repeat that ~ not one CODE, ACT, STATUTE or REGULATION applies to a man or woman.



GOVERNMENT POLICY, as it is often called - only applies to PUBLIC SERVANTS and CORPORATIONS doing business in that FICTIONAL REALM.

Did they make that clear when they announced the lock-down?

Do they make that clear when they demand you pay taxes?

There is no TAX for a man simply engaging in a trade. The ONLY things that should be paying TAX are CORPORATIONS.

SERVANT-LEADERS have turned this on its head. BIG CORPORATIONS pay little or no tax while people are fleeced.

Taxes are Voluntary for a reason. THEY can be withheld if PUBLIC SERVANTS abuse their POSITIONS.

It's obvious!

You have a choice.

Let's look at this from another perspective:

Way back when, SERVANTS wore costumes so that people could easily identify who the SERVANTS were.

Even the QUEEN is supposed to serve you – yet her family has amassed an £80Billion fortune at your expense!

Perhaps I should get a job as a SERVANT?

If you look at PUBLIC SERVANTS you will see that a lot of them wear these amazing costumes – just look at the Queen, or the Mayor, or Judges.

Likewise, CORPORATIONS were first created to serve man ~ usually to undertake a project like building a road, or a school.

When the project was finished, the CORPORATION would be dissolved.

People working for CORPORATIONS tend to wear a NECK COLLAR, a NECK TIE, and WRIST CUFFS. The LIVERY of a SLAVE or SERVANT.

It's all there ~ right in front of you.

You see, when a man or woman agrees to act in the SERVICE of others – they take a STEP DOWN from their natural state of being – THEY cease to be treated as man or woman.

So how is that represented, how is that demonstrated?

Well, we've already seen that they wear costumes to show that their STATUS has diminished and is now below that of man or woman.

In law, they take on a PERSONA, a LEGAL PERSONA.

In other words ~ they act in the role of a LEGAL ENTITY (not a man or woman).

A LEGAL ENTITY is a creation of man. A Derivative of man. Below man. That's how we identify SERVANTS in law.

And in the written word we denote the SERVANT with block capitals.

Now, the problem is that some SERVANT-LEADERS have tried to rope you in and turn things on its head. They have tried to take advantage of you by tricking you into thinking that you are subject to LEGAL RULES – they do this in part by using words.

When completing any GOVERNMENT form you are asked to complete the form using BLOCK CAPITALS – the LIVERY of a SERVANT.

Let's not forget that SERVANTS are PAID to SERVE. You are NOT paid to be SUBJECTED to the RULES of PUBLIC SERVICE.

You see - as a group of people we never thought that PUBLIC SERVANTS would mislead us.

We went along with what these SERVANT-LEADERS were saying:

World War 1 and II in particular brought people together – hell people were scared.

And understandably so -

So here was a group, intelligent, caring, empathic, naturally peaceful, extremely rare, and sacred beings who allowed their SERVANT-LEADERS to tell them what to do because of FEAR.

Sound familiar?

It's no coincidence that since WWII ended war has plagued civilization somewhere on the WORLD STAGE.

It's not only big business, it's great for creating FEAR.

And now we wage war on viruses ~ declaring states of emergency, and scaring the people into yet greater submission.

OUR SERVANT-LEADERS have weaponized everything. They've weaponized business, they've weaponized people, they've weaponized children, and they've even weaponized viruses.

Despite each of you having been given dominion over the planet, your SERVANT- LEADERS have chosen to operate a SYSTEM in which you are deprived of your dominion, and instead you have to pay for somewhere to rest your head at night and you have to pay to exist on the very same planet you were given.

Whereas animals pay nothing to exist on the planet.

In other words you are being treated as something lower than animals.

SERVANT LEADERS force you to pay taxes which in turn pays for the extravagances that they require in order to SERVE you.

YET services are cut year after year and average pay doesn't keep up with inflation, albeit these SERVANT-LEADERS receive regular pay-rises, golden hellos, golden goodbyes, generous pensions and overflowing expense accounts.

THEY'RE driven around in LIMOS, they have security guards, second homes, and their property taxes are paid for by you!

THEY must be great at their jobs! Right? .... No!

It actually feels like they have an axe to grind purely because they accepted the role of PUBLIC SERVANT. They don't just want paying they want to stick it to their masters too!

According to the history books, civilization began around 5000 to 6000 years ago and during that time, we have (under the guidance of SERVANT -LEADERS) developed every way imaginable of killing each other, of torturing each other, and of inflicting pain and hardship, and boy do we love war.

Is this really the behaviour of intelligent sentient beings?

The only 7.8 Billion intelligent sentient beings in the Universe?


Something has gone seriously wrong.

What's wrong is the leadership.

There is something seriously wrong when a group of people place their poorly performing SERVANTS in charge.

There is something seriously wrong when those SERVANTS lie to their masters and are allowed to continue in office because those very same SERVANTS made some rule which says they cannot be sacked. It's laughable.

There is something seriously wrong when those very same SERVANTS work in tandem with the banks to enslave the population in FICTIONAL DEBT, and AWARD huge GOVERNMENT contracts to their friends and family.

Enough is enough.

These SERVANT-LEADERS have led society into the abyss.

It's time for change.

Now let's talk about society for one moment.

Every society has a name.

So what is the name of the society that you all think you're members of?

It's called the LEGAL SOCIETY.

So what is LEGAL? What does it mean?

We know that LEGAL is the word given to the RULES which in turn apply to PUBLIC SERVANTS because we spoke about that earlier.

LEGAL also applies to LEGAL ENTITIES.

A LEGAL ENTITY is a made up, imaginary entity. It doesn't exist. It's just a concept ~ for example: a CORPORATION, an Artificial entity, a LEGAL FICTION, a LEGAL PERSON, or a JOB TITLE, a ROLE.

Well, that's not us right – after all we were born man or woman.

So, what does the LEGAL SOCIETY [and LEGAL RULES] apply to?

Well, LEGAL ENTITIES obviously.

Who are members of this LEGAL SOCIETY?

The members are Solicitors, Barristers and other Legal Professionals.

People (man and woman) are NOT members of the LEGAL SOCIETY.

To become a member, you either have to be a LEGAL ENTITY, which you are not, or you have to qualify as a solicitor or barrister and swear and oath of allegiance to that society, and most of us, most of you are not solicitors or barristers.

Did you know that the LEGAL SOCIETY has it's own language? It's called LEGALESE.

It looks like your native language. Sounds like your native language but the words don't mean what you think they mean.

Now that situation could cause confusion, for example: a language that looks like English, sounds like English but isn't English might cause someone to say something they don't want to say.

LEGALESE is the language of LEGAL ENTITIES and you have to be a qualified solicitor or barrister just to have an opinion about what a sentence written in legalese actually means.

Yet you all use LEGAL LANGUAGE when you communicate with GOVERNMENT, PUBLIC SERVANTS or CORPORATIONS – and you don't even realize you're doing it!

Chances are you are all talking bollex – bollex is a latin word meaning confusion.

So, here we are.

We have no formal society of own.

We have been tricked into playing along with the LEGAL Society as if we were the SERVANTS, and have been treated like LEGAL ENTITIES obliged to comply with LEGAL RULES.

Meanwhile, those in the know – do what they want ~ until they caught!

I'm going to repeat a question I asked earlier.

Do you really believe that politicians would risk their lives to attend work related meetings or parties if they truly believed that Coronavirus was as deadly as they were making out?

When would they risk their lives for you?

The simple truth is this: they were lying. And they got caught!

They have been lying the whole time so that they can bring in new LEGAL RULES which require you to carry papers (they call it the vaccine passport).

A few years ago in the UK these SERVANT-LEADERS wanted a DNA database and ID cars. Both were thrown out by the House of Lords.

EVERYONE has since handed over mouth and nose swabs – THEY now have their DNA database!

Vaccine Passports will serve as ID cards.

Can you "see" what they are up to?

They want to convince you that you have to do what they say, when in fact you don't!

We need a society to which we can belong freely.

We need a society which upholds our rights.

We need a society which is inclusive and allows every man and woman to benefit from the abundance they were born to enjoy.

A society within which we can express the values that we hold sacred.

Well, now we have that society!

The Free Born Society is your society, because each of you was born free.

As a member of the Free Born Society, LEGAL RULES do not apply to you unless, you work as a PUBLIC SERVANT or the employee of a CORPORATION or other LEGAL ENTITY, in which case, the rules MIGHT apply to you but ONLY for the duration of your shift.

Once you clock off, the RULES no longer apply.

You can find the Free Born Society at

So how do you become a member of the Free Born Society?

Simple: Every man and woman exists within the third dimension.

The 3rd dimension is what we call reality.

According to the bible: man (and woman) was given dominion over the planet Genesis Chapter 1, v 26 – 28.

Dominion means sovereignty.

In law the title which accompanies dominion is:

Lord and Master, or Dominus

You are EACH Lord and Master of the planet earth.

You each exist in a STATE of being, whereas the LEGAL SOCIETY would have you exist in a STATE of the MIND, because that's the only place where ENGLAND exists, where THE UNITED STATES exists, where KUWAIT exists, where GERMANY exists,where FRANCE Exists, where AUSTRALIA Exists, where RUSSIA exists.

Do you get it?

Does it make sense?

You can learn more about this: at

Simply Register for free by joining the site and you automatically become a member of the Free Born Society.

Now, LEGAL LAND, and those in control of it – don't want you to leave. THEY will try every trick in the book to get you to stay because you are worth a fortune to them as a tax paying slave handing over between 67% and 80% of your lifetimes earnings.

While you fail to exercise your rights of dominion over the planet, THEY can continue to enjoy their HUGE estates, which take up 93% of the planet's land mass.

While you fail to exercise your rights of dominion, THEY can keep you down, squeezed into run down council estates, run down blocks of flats, small localized areas of high population, just like sardines.

And we wonder why people explode and let off steam – people have been placed under an unnatural pressure.

People may as well be living in a pressure cooker.

And SERVANT LEADERS just love to TURN up the heat.

Well no more.

No longer are we going to tolerate the abuses of the few.

No longer are we going to stand by and allow our brothers and sisters to be oppressed and treated like play things.


The fight back starts here

The fight back starts now

Join the site, and take back your freedom.

We've kept it brief, and concise,

We need to know our numbers so that the Collective can (as trustees acting on your behalf), seek to have your freedoms recognized by those controlling that which was created to SERVE us: LEGAL LAND.

And if they don't, then we will cease to recognize LEGAL LAND altogether , and instead will reactivate the ancient custom of an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, for every man should do unto others as he would have them do unto him.

Too many SERVANTS and CORPORATE OFFICERS hide their outrageous actions behind CORPORATE Insurance policies.

We are a family.

In ancient times we were described as the mob.

THEY have sought to run a protection racket by taxing us, so that they can live their extravagant lifestyles, while claiming to serve us.

NOW WE WILL take care of ourselves.

Each of You is owed rent, rates and dividends for the business being conducted on your planet.

You are owed a share of all the profits made from the sale of the earth's resources.

We seek to ensure that you get your share, and your land.

But we need your help.

We need you to help us , so that we can help you!

To help us achieve these aims, we announce the launch of the Unite the Clans Foundation, which you can find at

We are bringing together the speakers/leaders and teachers you may be familiar with on the alternate law scene, and

we are also bringing together solicitors and legal professionals who can see the corruption and the fraud which as been perpetrated against the people.

Now that we have declared our intentions, the period of transition begins.

It's a transition from LEGAL LAND to freedom for those wrongly enslaved in LEGAL LAND.

LEGAL LAND can continue to serve a purpose,but that purpose must be clearly defined and ring-fenced.

There must be a review of LEGAL LAND and the rights of LEGAL ENTITIES. For one: Shareholders MUST be held accountable for the actions of the company in which they have invested. This ensures oversight!

Likewise, the rule which dictates that Directors run CORPORATIONS with profit as the number one priority – must change.

We will mold LEGAL LAND to work as it was intended to or we will cease to recognize LEGAL LAND altogether.

There must be symbiosis.

Those in control of LEGAL-LAND must accept the limitations and boundaries of LEGAL JURISDICTION or face the consequences.

A new era has been born this very evening.

Let's make the most of it.

The road ahead may not be easy, but it is the only road we can take, for our children, and our children's children.

THEY may try and suck us back in, but we have truth and the law on our side.

Love and light to all of you.

Let the work begin.

Until next time big love x

You can Register with the 3D State of Being by clicking HERE

You can visit the UniteTheClansFoundation by clicking HERE

You can visit the FreeBornSociety Website by clicking HERE

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