Non Dependant Status

Mar 05, 2018

What is the Problem?

This one comes from a member who has highlighted a sneaky trick employed by the ‘powers-that-be’ to claim council tax in a situation where it should perhaps not be paid; all because one of your family members is alternatively-abled/disabled.

Are you in receipt of Housing Benefit? Do you act as full time carer for an alternatively-abled/disabled family member? Have you paid reduced Council Tax bills in the past as a result of your circumstances?

If the answer to these questions is “yes” then you may have recently received demands for increased council tax payments.

What To Do

Go through the video. Click to join the Insiders. Visit the "My Library" tab to access the Handouts. Then take a look at the 6 suggested steps from Simon.

The Outline Solution

Did you watch the video?

As we have explained in the video, many Council Tax Officers appear to have got it wrong.

Follow the 6 steps accompanying the Handouts. Together these create the solution!

Possible Arguments Against You

The justification being cited by many Council Tax Officers for increased Council Tax bills is the “non-dependant” or “independent” status of your disabled loved-one. In cases of severe disability, the use of the phrase “non-dependant” should ring alarm bells, because the severely disabled are often totally dependent!

The Almost Legal Info

The ‘council’ are simply ignoring the facts, which they ought reasonably be aware of, and in the process of doing so, are causing you unnecessary and avoidable inconvenience. In some cases we believe that the actions of council tax staff may be tantamount to harassment.

Helpful Paragraphs:

We trust the 6 steps and the Handouts will assist you in overcoming the demands, and arguments, of ignorant council employees.

Remember: ignorance is an extension of the word “ignore”.

Need More Help?

We’ve put together numerous examples of how we’ve successfully challenged those in an apparent position of authority. More of these are being added to the Insiders Privileged Information Section.

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