Pirates of the Carribbean - Tales of the Code - Wedlocked

Mar 03, 2020

In this WORLD - truth is often presented as fiction, and fiction is - as research will demonstrate - often presented as truth.

There exists a little known short film called "Wedlocked" - Tales of the Code, and it forms part of the Pirates of the Carribbean series.

Analysis of this short film reveals some hidden truths which I will now attempt to explain. For the benefit of this analysis - you should consider a Pirate as being synonymous with a Banker!


The film begins with two women gazing into a double sided mirror. On the one side, sits a red haired whore, and on the other a blonde.

Both are unaware of the other's existence, and both are expecting to get wed that day, to the same man - a pirate by the name of Captain Jack Sparrow [Johnny Depp].

Both have been given identical red stoned engagement rings [(it is implied that said rings are thus common place and perhaps without value - a fraud in the inducement perhaps).] 

Jack is nowhere to be seen [one must construe that he had no intention of fulfilling his promises.]

The two women [who appear to know each other to some extent] suddenly become aware of the other's existence, and each attempts to big it up by explaining why she is present:

The blonde says: my man "uses fancy words with lots of syllables" [sounds like a Bank contract]

The redhead says: "mine is a captain" [implies he sails the sea]

Suddenly the curtain goes up and we can see that the two women are in fact on stage [the WORLD stage perhaps - as we all are]. They have been sitting behind the curtain [the veil] the whole time.

They, and we (the viewer) discover that they are about to be auctioned [sold off - as is often the way when you do business with a Bank - the contract for debt is often sold].

[Marriage is a contract, which has nothing to do with love. 

Mar - "to spoil".

Riage - "love".

Marriage means "to spoil love" [if you ever needed an excuse not to wed now you have it- lol]!

A marriage was/is used to secure position and money. 

Borrowing money usually involves a contract. Ever heard the saying in reference to one's partner "the old ball and chain"?

What is debt? A ball and chain? An obligation to fulfill?]

A pirate says: "this is the happiest day in a girl's life" 

The auctioneer announces that the girls are "Certified Virginal" 

Note: every "new contract" for debt is "new money", hence Virginal.

Mari - means "of the sea" - hence Virgin Mari = New Currency [Current of the Sea] (New Money)

The pirates start the bidding. 

The women, recognising that they are being "valued" attempt to out do each other and make themselves more alluring to the crowd.

What starts off as healthy competition soon descends into a brawl, at which point the pirates become excited and the bids become exponentially larger, and more extravagant.

At one point a group of pirates announce that they have formed a CORPORATION and pooled resources. The bidding continues to increase 

"617 pieces of silver and a goat"

"702 goats" (proving that goats/cattle were at one time considered "money" - and of course, many things can act as "money" or serve the function of money)

The women look at each other and simultaneously declare "we're rich".

However the celebrations soon cease when shackles are placed upon their wrists by the auctioneers who declares "I am rich. My commission is 100%."

He claims to own them - they are his property. 

The Blonde then says "no one owns me, i'm not property" [property can include an interest in property and if you owe a Bank money, said Bank has an interest in you, it can insure you for potential losses of failure to pay, and it can even insure (gamble) upon your life) - thus in one respect - it owns you!

The auctioneer claims to have traded for them "fair & square" [a masonic term] which means he can resell for a profit in accordance with the hallowed pirates code [hallowed be thy name] 

The Blonde woman then has a moment of inspiration and says:

"For the sake of argument, this stocking - you own this?"

The auctioneer affirms.

"If I sing a song, you own that too?"

The auctioneer says yes.

She walks up to a rather large, tough-looking pirate, turns to the auctioneer and says: 

"then own this"

and with that she punches the tough-looking pirate, who in turn says "you're gonna pay for that", grabs his gun and points it toward the woman's "owner" (the auctioneer). 

The auctioneer quickly points out that she has been sold. He tries to pass the buck. 

The tough-looking pirate moves his gun from pirate to pirate as each successive new owner attempts to dump ownership [and hence liability] onto someone else.

Eventually the gun is turned back to the auctioneer and a shot is fired.

The auctioneer quickly raises his hands in self defence, and the bullet passes through the Pirate's Code which he's still holding.  

"Captain Teague will have his head. Lock up the Code and strike the witches. If any of you speak a word I'll have your tongue." 

"Aye sir, mum's the word" (parrot says: "the word")  

The two women are set free [strike the witches] - why? Because they have sussed the GAME!

Code implies secret language or signs known only to a few, or members.

What's the lesson to be learned?

Answer: there's a hole in the Code and it has something to do with ownership. 

Check out the film - it's good. 

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