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The Mortgage Destroyer

Can you Imagine... Not Just One... But Four Solutions to Mortgage Misery

This is an absolute MUST-HAVE if you have a mortgage-debt that you would like to reduce or get control of…



The Three ‘M’s of Mortgages – How you can use a really easy way to reduce your overall mortgage term by up to 12 years, on a standard mortgage.

Minimize your Mortgage – You’ll find out how to carefully arrange your mortgage payments so that you will always be in the "good-books" of the Bank. You will become one of their best customers even though you are actually looking after your own financial well being and not theirs!

Maximize your Savings. – Can you imagine what it would be like to be mortgage free at a little over the halfway point through your mortgage term? What would that mean to you and your family?

Monetize the Common-Sense approach – By using some common sense, and simple mathematics, you can substantially reduce your Mortgage repayment term. By paying off you mortgage early, how much more money will that put in your pocket over the long term? £40,000 or £50,000 or even more? You are effectively turning common-sense into money!


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