Letters that Get Results - Template Bundle

Are you in the PUBLIC or the private?

How should you respond? With a Notice? A Conditional Acceptance? Or an Affidavit?

It can take a skilled wordsmith years to master his craft, so why not give yourself a head-start by acquiring a bundle of template letters which have already been proven to get results!?

We will walk you through the basics of PUBLIC -v- private, and we will show you one of the most versatile and powerful letters you can ever hope to master: the conditional acceptance.

Use it correctly and you can choose to either repel your adversary, or ensnare him. 

Few truly understand how to wield this weapon, and fewer still how to unlock its true power.

We'll provide you with a bundle of 12 templates - those you are most likely to need when doing battle with the Army of the DEAD.  We may even throw in one or two bonus templates.

Plus - we'll show you how to put your car into trust and how to register it correctly with the DVLA.


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