Family First!

" there is a natural aristocracy among men. The grounds of this are virtue and talents... The natural aristocracy I consider as the most precious gift of nature for the instruction, the trusts, and the government of society." Thomas Jefferson

Why are you here?

Is it a fleeting visit into the third dimension, where your efforts and hard graft count for nothing? One minute you're here, the next you're gone? For the single man or woman, with no interest in "Family", this could perhaps be true and acceptable.

But what about those whom concern themselves with their blood-line? or those whom consider their close circle of friends to be Family?

"The House that puts Family First will always defeat the House that puts the whims and wishes of its sons and daughters first. A good man does everything in his power to further his Family's position, regardless of his own selfish desires." Tywin Lannister

If every man be a King, and Every woman be a Queen, consider this:

"Monarchs have time on their side, and a family to carry forward their good works. Education within a continuous family is important here: monarchs are trained and dedicated, unlike political presidents who arrive at the seat of power with nothing to commend them but their own driving ambition for personal success." L.L. Blake

What chance do you really have to outwit a collective of Families each of which is disciplined, educated and prepared to work toward a Common goal, if you insist on working alone?

What chance do you have if you seek always the easy path, with little or no investment in your own education?

"...Education is not about social engineering, but about preparing our children as best we can for all the challenges in front of them. This means not only training them for work through the acquisition of knowledge, but also giving them an understanding of themselves and of the deeper meaning of life ..." Prince Charles 

In this Live Event we intend to inspire you and show you how you can create a "Family" of your own.

We will show you the huge benefits to be derived from working a team. 

The hierarchy goes as follows:

If Families rule the WORLD, isn't it time that yours started working together? 

Evolve or become extinct - those are your realistic choices!

The live Event (Webinar) will take place on Saturday 1st August 2020 starting at  11am with an expected end time of somewhere between 4pm and 6pm.

"A body of nobility is also more peculiarly necessary in our mixed and compounded constitution, in order to support the rights of both the crown and the people, by forming a barrier to withstand the encroachments of both. It creates and preserves that gradual scale of dignity, which proceeds from the peasant to the prince; rising like a pyramid from a board foundation, and diminishing to a point as it rises. It is this ascending and contracting proportion that adds stability to any government; for when the departure is sudden from one extreme to another, we may pronounce that state to be precarious. The nobility are therefore the pillars, which are reared from among the people, more immediately to support the throne; and if that falls, they must also be buried under its ruins."  William Blackstone

The original Webinar presentation took place on 1st August 2020. Like all of our events, the Webinar was recorded and you can access the recording and handouts by simply clicking the button to buy.

This principles explained herein are applicable to people from ALL STATES, ALL COUNTRIES. 


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