Seminar in the Woods ~ IX ~ Friday 30th July 2021 to Sunday 1st August 2021

The YAYC studios are located on a hill, in a leafy semi rural part of Essex, England.

Overlooking rolling green pastures, our 2 acre plot boasts trees and wildlife. And there amongst it all stands a marquee.

On the weekend of 30th July 2021 to 1st August 2021, the marquee will lay host to something magical: the ninth Annual Seminar in the Woods event!

Attendees will spend a relaxed weekend among friends and like minded people, discussing all things alternative.

Arriving late Friday afternoon/Friday evening attendees will pitch camp and can then sit around the Fire Pit, enjoying a beer or five and there they exchange experiences.
Camper vans are welcome. No doubt some weird and wonderful vehicles will make an appearance - they generally do at these events, as do some weird and wonderful characters!

Teas and Coffees, fruit and refreshments are available throughout the weekend though attendees should bring whatever alcohol they wish to consume. Note: there are local shops which sell alcohol.

On Saturday morning attendees are provided with breakfast, and the main events kick starts around 11am. After an extensive round of introductions the meeting proper commences, and a variety of subjects will be discussed ...

including (but not limited to:)

  • What comes next - problem solving exercise
  • Unite the Clans Foundation
  • Question time with Simon & Mark

Lunch is provided, and attendees are invited to speak if they so wish, and the entertaining and often humorous discussions can sometimes go on into the evening, where the overall vibe becomes more social.

Sunday morning brings with it breakfast, before the discussions resume. Lunch is served around 2pm, and attendees will depart before 5pm.

This is intended to be a camping weekend. Saying that - there are local Hotels if camping is not your thing!

Children under the age of 14 can attend for free.

Always on the agenda are: laughter, learning, networking and socialising with conscious and awakened friends.

ONLY paid attendees will be allowed on site.

The CORPORATE STATE (prison) 'lock-down' ends 19th July 2021, and even if it doesn't - we have all bases covered.

Only one ticket per Attendee. ONLY members can attend, which means if you want friends and or family to attend, they MUST first join the Insiders, so that we can verify them.

To reserve your place - buy now!

The event will NOT be recorded - this is a completely private event.

This is a community orientated event. If you expect to be waited-on every minute of the day this event is not for you.

The Location is around ten miles from Hockley, Essex and will be provided once a booking is made.


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