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How To Get on the GOLD Investment Ladder

There Are Very Good Reasons Why You Should Buy Gold & Silver ...

Bank Notes are called "fi-at" currency. "Fi-at" is an italian word meaning "no-thing" - ie nothing-currency backed by no-thing.

But once upon a time Bank Notes were backed by Gold - hence the promise-to-pay [Gold] which is still visible on BOE Notes.

Here's everything you need to know about precious metals and why you might want to exchange "no-thing" currency for money of substance (aka Gold/Silver).


The Dilemma: Fiat or Substance?

More and more people are retiring in poverty. Savings are being diminished by the hidden tax known as inflation, and Bankers have seen to it that we all use fi-at currency (backed by no-thing). This is a massive dilemma for those of you seeking to protect your children, grandchildren, extended families and loved ones from the banks.


Your Own Gold Depot or Physical Gold

We’ll explain how you can buy gold and other precious metals at great prices. We'll also explain how you can have your gold stored safely in a Depot, or how you can withdraw it physically.

Obviously privacy plays an important part too - so we go through the simple steps to ensure your private-dealings stay just that: private!

Having Control Over Your Future

It's good to be in control and by investing in gold, you can take charge of what happens to your investment. You'll also learn that precious metals can become part of your pension plan.

Of course, it's not just about buying and holding, so we show you how to make your 'money' work for you.


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