Wills, Trusts and Protection Webinar

Everything you should consider when Executing a Will, creating a Trust or granting Power of Attorney; with property protection in mind.

The principles explained herein are applicable and relevant to people from ALL STATES, ALL COUNTRIES. 

The Problem
Your Will expresses your wishes after you’ve gone. But if it’s not done right, or not done at all, then those you love may not benefit, and it could be the taxman, or the crown, which gets the lion’s share.

The Solution
The solution is to be informed about the best options, and to know how to choose a competent expert to guide you through the process.

The Way Ahead
Using a trust to protect the interests of loved-ones is great, so you’ll learn the important do’s and don’ts of getting trusts right.

What’s Covered in The Webinar Replay?

We’re going to look in-depth, at the right way to make sure your money, property and assets go to the people you want them to go to.

This information is for people who are keen to ensure that their wishes are carried out, after they have gone, but we’ll also be looking at how you can use what you learn about making a Will, to protect what you have while you still in the land of the living

Using only recognized legal methods, we’ll outline ways in which you can keep taxes to a minimum, or pay none at all.

Video 1:

The difference between Joint Tenants and Tenants in Common, and why understanding this is fundamental to creating the first level of protection that a properly written Will can offer.

Video 2:

What a Trust actually is, and importantly – what it is not. How a Trust is formed, run and what the roles and responsibilities of the Grantor, Trustee and Beneficiary are. How Trusts may offer protection against the council especially where care-home fees are concerned.

Video 3:

How you can protect the interests of your children – particularity if yours is a blended family (2nd marriage and so on), and the steps you need to take to ensure that your children, and those you love, get the benefit you want them to have. Plus Power(s) of Attorney and how they work.

Video 4: 

Simon will be explaining some key strategies which make use of Power(s) of Attorney. Building on the information supplied by Nick, Simon will explain how you can add an extra line of defence when dealing with administrative “situations”.

Each section takes about an hour, so you can see we will be going into the subjects quite thoroughly.

Nick is addressing the important parts of the Will process, those that you really need to know and understand. And even if you have a professional draw up your Will for you (which is recommended), many times they will ask you “what you want”, and expect you to answer from a knowledgeable position.

Even if they do explain things, it is possible that they will not explain it well enough to ensure you make sound decisions. That’s why getting the information in this replay may be vital.

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