The Finance Curse – Professor confirms Banks do Not loan Money: Exchange of Promises (securities)


Our thanks to Karl from Norwich who told us about this video and said that it “backs up what you say”.

If you’ve seen the video, then we trust you’ll appreciate what follows, for we have transcribed the important stuff for you.

Contemplate the information. Resonate with it. And above all: use it!

You may wish to refer to the video as being “that” which has caused-you to ask questions. What a fantastic “excuse” to use as your reason for...

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The Results Page

So what is realistically achievable?

Simon has a vast amount of experience challenging the wrongful actions/inactions of corporations and in particular; the staff working for them! Below are some of the results he has achieved.

You won’t believe what can be achieved until you try it for yourself…..

If you refuse to put-up any kind of resistance, then you are likely to get trampled-on; again, and again, and again. Simply standing-up for yourself can bring results!

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What Are People Saying?

We have received thousands of messages of thanks and gratitude. Don’t just take it from us; check out what people are saying about the site, our strategies and our research:


I have been following using Simon's advice for 5 years now. I've bought his DVDs which were golden, watched every youtube video and seen every facebook post (you would think I am stalking haha) but his information, research and work has been superb.

I have so far taken approx 12k from...

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Non Dependant Status


What is the Problem?

This one comes from a member who has highlighted a sneaky trick employed by the ‘powers-that-be’ to claim council tax in a situation where it should perhaps not be paid; all because one of your family members is alternatively-abled/disabled.

Are you in receipt of Housing Benefit? Do you act as full time carer for an alternatively-abled/disabled family member? Have you paid reduced Council Tax bills in the past as a result of your circumstances?

If the answer...

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Birmingham Midshires – Who Owns My Mortgage?


What is the Problem?

Mr Treanor, from Bedfordshire, contacted the show with a problem. He is trying to sell his home, and this will mean redeeming his mortgage. Unfortunately, the mortgage company doesn’t own the mortgage and therefore Mr Treanor cannot ‘redeem’ it (buy-it-back)!

In a situation like this, does Mr Treanor have to pay the mortgage company anything?

One of the great things about knowing when things are not right is being able to step in and do something about...

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The Campaign To Get Businesses to Do Better Pt2


What is the Problem?

The problem is simple – many businesses treat their customers very badly indeed and well… Don’t you think it’s time we put a stop to this?

What To Do

What is all this about?

It’s about acting collectively to make business and companies realise they can no longer continue to treat customers like us like the proverbial merde.

The Outline Solution

That’s where our campaign comes into play.

Each of you have POWER. You may or may not...

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The Campaign to Encourage Businesses to do Better


What is the Problem?

This one comes as the result of a conversation between Simon and Mark “How can we make businesses treat us better as customers?

Companies exist for one reason and one reason only: to make profit for the benefit of the shareholders.

Yes, there are a few well intentioned companies which, as part of their mission statement, seek to invest in communities and or worthy projects. They may sometimes classify themselves as “not-for-profit” entities.

For the...

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How Can I Create My Own Job or Business?


What is the Problem?

This one comes from Michael in Southend, and his question is: “I want to leave the Rat-Race and create a support system for myself, but I don’t know where to start; can you give me some pointers?”

What To Do

You’re not alone Michael! There are hundreds upon thousands of people who share your desire to have a vocation, rather than a job… and let’s not forget, one of the root meanings of the word ‘job’ is persecution; no big...

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How Can I Prepare For Constructive Dismissal?


What is the Problem?

This one comes from Joe in Uxbridge, and his question is: “I have a funny feeling that my boss is trying to find grounds to dismiss me. I’m worried about constructive dismissal, what can I do to protect myself?”

What To Do

This is a horrible situation to find yourself in, and it’s not pleasant!
All too often, junior staff members are hung-out-to-dry even when following their line manager’s instructions. Sometimes management chooses to protect...

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The "Love" Tax


What is the Problem?

This is a subject which has been raised a few times. Noticing a pattern in the behaviour of Benefits Agency staff, we thought it best to investigate and see what’s going on.

Simply put… being “in-love” can seriously damage your purse strings, and we’re not referring to those gifts, dates, or other expenses associated with courting.

If you're speaking to an employee of HMRC/DWP, then being "in-love" can cost you, especially if you’re in...

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