Dave Eden: Stop and Search Initiative with Consequences for PUBLIC SERVANTS

Nov 06, 2022

The Problem:

For far too long some of those occupying the OFFICE of PUBLIC SERVANT have abused their positions.

The truth is that you: the people, are ultimately responsible for ensuring that those in your SERVICE do what THEY are supposed to do!

If you turn a "blind-eye" then those with one hand in the PUBLIC PURSE are likely to do things that you would otherwise find unacceptable ~ and we're not just referring to excessive expense claims!

Abuses perpetrated by PUBLIC SERVANTS (those in positions of trust) can affect members of the public in different ways, albeit one thing is undeniable ~ the abuses do have a negative impact: somewhere and to the detriment of someone.

Where the POLICE are concerned: those entrusted to protect and serve appear to condone and partake of a culture which not only makes light of crime (with jokes about rape, torture and murder being commonplace); but in some instances: appear to encourage such actions to be committed by those within POLICE ranks themselves!

Dave Eden, an ex-policeman, appeared on Newsnight recently to expose the unsavoury underbelly of abuse which exists at the heart and foundation of the POLICE ~ Dave's interview following a recent well publicised admission by Senior Officers that the "institution" was fundamentally racist ~ something we all knew with the exception (it would appear) of those actually tasked with running the POLICE ~ another case of turning those "blind-eyes"?

With that said, it should come as no surprise that the longstanding GOVERNMENT policy of "Stop and Search" has been abused.  If you have dark coloured skin, you're more likely to affected than if you are considered "white".

That aside, the statistics reveal that the policy is only being correctly applied in around 5% of cases, which means that the policy is being incorrectly applied in around 95% of cases! 

That's one hell of a training issue!

The Solution?

Watch the video to find out ....

The Beauty of the Solution?

This strategy can be applied to EVERY FACET of PUBLIC SERVICE. Public Servants beware - if you don't know your jobs, or if you refuse to perform your jobs properly, then you may just find yourselves being prosecuted. 

We can pick holes and demand 100% compliance with CORPORATE POLICY - the question then becomes:

Do you actually know and or understand what the CORPORATE POLICY is? - to whom it applies? - and when?

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