Avoid being Branded "One of the Herd"

Jul 24, 2020


What is the Problem?

This one comes from Vanessa in Birmingham, and her question is: “What do you think about branding by big companies?”

What To Do

Look at the words.

Consider the universe: In the beginning was the word.

The word Logos is Greek meaning "word", but the true meaning goes beyond that - it's "the inward thought itself" or "the rational principle that governs and develops the universe." 

The word "logic" comes from Logos. 

When we think of branding, we think of a Company's logo, the plural of which would be Logos. 

The CORPORATE WORLD is made up of different logos.

The Outline Solution

In my opinion, following the latest lifestyle trend, or buying branded clothes (for example) is just a trumped up way of identifying yourself as one of the herd.

Far from speaking volumes about your "individuality" - branding says you LACK individuality and the confidence to do your own thing - after all there must be at least 10 million other people wearing the exact same branded clothing you just bought!

Further Arguments Against Branding

  • Wearing that overpriced, branded pair of jeans, sunglasses, or top, is just another way of showing the Powers-That-Be ("PTB") that you really are as stupid as they think you are! 

    Have you seen some of the fashion-trends of late?

    My particular favourite is the trend for young lads to wear their trousers with the waste around their knees, thus making them trip-up and fall over. I've seen a few lads take the fall!

    The PTB must chuckle to themselves. They no doubt take great joy dreaming up ridiculous trends just to see who copies it!

    Saying that - as a youngster I was, of course, a fashion victim (and the word 'victim' is used for a reason)! Remember the lead singer of the Human League? Remember his hair style? Shaved one side, long the other - yep - I had that!

The Almost Legal Info

  • Cattle are branded.

  • The Brand serves as Notice to the outside WORLD that this member of the herd is owned by John Smith (for example).

Fashion, of course, goes hand in hand with Branding. It's how you're sold on the idea of branding-yourself and paying for the privilege of being branded! 

Branded Cattle are often led to Market by a ring "through the Nose" whereas you are led to Market where you pay through the Nose to be Branded! 

  • Brand owners would have you believe that their Brand helps you to state your "values" to the outside WORLD, and by coincidence those "values" just happen to mirror the message offered in said Brand's recent marketing campaign!

  • The funny thing is - you most likely hadn't even thought of informing the outside WORLD about your values until the advert came along and told you that you needed this specific Brand of clothing in order to tell the WORLD about the values - the same values they just made "important"!

Of course - the recent marketing campaign, whatever that happens to be, was designed purely to get you to buy into the Brand.

So what is it you're buying into? because it all sounds like B/S to me! 

  • Brand conscious victims (especially those who "love" and "worship"  expensive brands) often wish to give the appearance that they have "cash to burn" when in fact they don't! 

  • They choose expensive Branding in an attempt to attract and impress a mate?

    I've witnessed many lads try to make out they're wealthy by wearing expensive Brands - just to impress the ladies - all of which is a lie.

Helpful Paragraphs:

Whatever it is you're buying, the BRAND is, in my humble opinion, just another way the SYSTEM demonstrates that it has you under its SPELL.

Logos/Branding within the SYSTEM are the new g0d!

Think about it!

When I wear something ~ I make the clothes look good, not the other way round!

Michelle Pfeiffer or Kate Moss could wear a black bin bag and make it look good - so it's not the clothes or the Brand at work!

If I wear branded clothes, I'm advertising the company (the BRAND) - and I'm paying them for the privilege! Doh!

Isn't it supposed to work the other way?

Aren't they supposed to pay me to wear their clothes and promote their brand?

I did away with branding a long time ago and now, it seems, the rest of the population is slowly catching on. 

Need More Help?
Here are some top tips.... 

1. Don't pay CORPORATIONS anything more than you absolutely have to!

For example - to reduce your mortgage term by around 7 years without paying a penny more each month: watch this

Don't get into contracts. Shop Around and NEVER buy on impulse.

2. Shop at Charity Shops, Boot Fairs and Jumble Sales.

If you hadn't already guessed it - I source most of my clothes from boot sales. I also get clothes for free from friends. If you're lucky enough to have a clothes exchange in operation near you - great. I love taking 20 or so old items of clothing which I've either outgrown or grown tired of, and exchanging them for new stock. 

You can feed the craving or need to consume/shop by walking round boot sales.

I go every weekend during the boot-sale season.

Firstly - it gets me out of the bat-cave and away from paperwork, and 

Secondly - I can have a good look round, in the fresh air, and I like to chat to stall holders (I must admit - I tend to do a lot of teaching whilst out and about - I love explaining how money really works) - so I kind of kill two birds with one stone

I refuse to spend more than £1 on any single item unless I am clearly getting a bargain. The thing is - after a few hours of walking round and having a good rummage (no jokes please) - I have taken care of my "shopping-fix".

It means the consumer-instinct which has been bred into me, is now out of me, at little expense! Plus - boot sales are great places to haggle and practice your negotiating skills!

I buy all sorts of things at boot sales.

3. Free Share Sites. 

These are great for obtaining anything from a light bulb to household essentials like TVs, Desks, Tables, Chairs, Beds and even flooring - all for FREE!

I've picked up some great items from Free Share Sites. Here's a couple you may wish to join:

  • FreeCycle
  • FreeWheely
  • Trash Nothing

Remember - it's not just about taking stuff. You can also give things away too and do someone a favour - it's a great feeling!

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