Knock 8 Years off Your Mortgage Term by Changing the Way You Pay

Nov 02, 2018

This particular solution ONLY applies to Capital Repayment Mortgages

Did you know that numerous Accountants have cleared their mortgages early by simply altering the way they pay the Mortgage debt?

Why do you think customers like you typically pay back up to 3 times the amount borrowed against a Mortgage?

The answer is two fold:

  • it has to do with the way Interest is calculated (typically daily), albeit the charge is applied to your Account Monthly, and
  • the term. The longer the term, the more interest you pay. This is common sense right!?

In the video we explain that if you pay weekly in advance, rather than monthly in arrears, you can REDUCE your mortgage repayment term by 7 to 8 years! If you currently pay £500 per month, that would mean a potential saving of up to £48,000.00 just by changing the way you pay!!!!

The Magic of Compound Interest.

Did you know that if you deposited £1,000.00 at a Bank offering a daily rate of return of 1% - you would be a Millionaire within 3 years?

It's true!

Such are the Magical effects of Compound Interest - or Interest upon Interest upon Interest. Why do you think the banks calculate your interest daily, and charge interest to your account monthly? And what do you think happens if you fall into arrears? 

What we're suggesting is that you put this magic-spell into reverse and use it for your benefit - and not the benefit of the Bank!


Simon likes to keep things simple!


We've made it really easy for you.

Not only have we prepared template letters for you, we've also prepared guidance to help you calculate your Weekly Repayments.

To obtain the template letters and guidance - simply join the Insiders. Once you've done that, click the My Library tab and you'll find loads of useful tips and Inside Information!

To grab the templates - simply go to the Insiders Privileged Content and scroll down. Job Done.

Remember - if you're not on the Inside - you're on the Outside!

Want to Learn Even More?

  • If you would like to learn three further methods of reducing your Mortgage balance, attend the Mortgage Destroyer Webinar available from the Toolbox.

    It could save you £thousands.

  • If you would like to learn how Simon managed to obtain a £40,000.00 reduction against a £110,000.00 Mortgage Balance, attend the Mortgage Seminar Nov 2015 - available from the Toolbox. 

    It could save you £thousands.

We trust you have found this information to be of use. If you have, please recommend friends and family to the site ;O)

Big love

Simon and Mark
& the YAYC team

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