Mortgage Destroyer Webinar

Got a Mortgage? What if learning one key fact could help you wipe off a %age of the debt?

Got a Repayment Mortgage? You can reduce your total payback - Guaranteed! We'll show you how, and you don't need to increase your monthly spend! You could save £thousands and knock years off the term.

Were you sold an Interest Only Mortgage? Did you Self Certify your income? Does your Mortgage Term run past your retirement age? Was the product 'suitable' for your circumstances? We'll explain why you could have a claim for mis-selling!

The Problem
Mortgage products are designed to help you fail. When you lose, the Bank wins! They lack transparency and the banks are loving it. The court system appears powerless to assist due in part to a lack of knowledge about the inner workings of the product, and a reluctance to delve.

The Solution
The product itself shouldn't even be called a "Mortgage", because it doesn't work the way the traditional 'mortgage' works. We delve into the inner workings of the modern day mortgage to uncover hidden resources and solutions.

The Way Ahead
We show you four ways to reduce your mortgage debt and or total payback. We also explain how you can become an important part of the long term solution – if you’re up for it?

What Previous Webinar Attendees Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let these participants do the talking!

What’s going to be covered in the webinar?

We’re going to discuss four (4) lines of attack which could reduce your outstanding Mortgage Debt.

We’ll also be making a very big announcement in relation to a proposed class action against the Banks.

This information has been a long time coming.

In Approach 1:

If You have a Capital Repayment Mortgage – we guarantee you can save money. No conflict. No fighting: just simple mathematics.

In Approach 2:

You’re going to learn the truth about the Mortgage. What it is, and how you can get the bank into a position which may lead to a “deal” being struck.

In Approach 3:

We reveal the chink in the banks’ armour as a result of securitisation: we'll help you understand the reasoning behind the problem, and we may just have an added surprise for you too.

In Approach 4:

We explain the open-field-day which has just been created by a barrister friend to the show: and the focus will be MCOBS: The Mortgage and Home Finance Code of Business Sourcebook (note the word: “Source”).

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