Mortgage Seminar November 2015

Being chased for a Mortgage shortfall from a previous property?

Would you like to wipe-off the debt?

Would you like to know how to defend yourself by asking some simple questions, and send the debt collectors packing?

This Remedy is applicable to people from ALL STATES, ALL COUNTRIES where the "Mortgage" Product exists. Commercial Practices are Internationally recognised.

Are you planning to sell your home or remortgage soon? If you could reduce the ‘debt’ by £5,000, £10,000, £20,000, £50,000, £100,000 would you be interested in learning how?

We're going back in time to the days of the WhiteRabbit Trust to find out where so much of this great information came from.

The Problem

  • In the case of a mortgage “Your home may be at risk if you do not keep up RE-payments on a mort-gage or other loan secured on it” – ring any bells?
  • What if Homeowners are needlessly sacrificing their homes?
  • What if a Mortgage isn’t what you think it is?
  • What if the “security” for said Mortgage isn’t that which you call “home”?

The Solution

  • The solution screams out at you once you get informed.
  • The best way to get-informed, is to conduct research, and we feel this  seminar will assist you.
  • Simon is recognised for his ability to explain complex issues in a very simple way.
  • Like so many things in this GAME, the clues are in the Words.

The Way Ahead

  • Simon has applied his research, and strategies, in order to obtain a £40,000.00 reduction against a £110,000.00 mortgage debt
  • You can find out what he did, by getting this educational pack.
  • We are going to expose secrets of the banking industry: the kind of secrets which result in riches for BANKS, and alleged debt for you.

What’s Going to be Covered in The Videos?

We’re going to show you the key ingredients which are used to create your mortgage, and the associated mortgage-debt. From top to bottom, the mortgage product is a work-of-fiction, and we’ll show you how to dismantle the facade-of-complexity in order to reveal the simple sleight-of-hand which has sentenced you to twenty-five years of hard-labour, re-paying three-times-over, that which-never-was, just so you can have somewhere to call “home”.

We’ll use the Mortgage-Provider’s own words, as contained within their Mortgage-Conditions, to highlight that which is hidden-in-plain-sight and we’ll use the results to explain the reasoning behind the strategy.

We look at the essential components of a loan agreement: the liability and the obligation to pay said liability.

To understand the nature of the trick being played on homeowners, you must understand what the “mortgage-security” is and what it is not.

Our journey takes us into the realm of the pawn-broker, as we seek examples of how “securities” are used, transferred and redeemed. We ask:

  • What is meant by Title? 
  • What does it mean to obtain a return of Title?
  • Why does the Mortgage Provider require a Power-of-Attorney, to act as you?
  • When precisely does the Mortgage Provider act as you, and when does it not?

We take a closer look at what the Mortgage-Provider is up to with securitisation and the use of insurance to inflate their returns when you hit hard times.

We explain, in clear terms, the simple strategy employed by Simon when he achieved a £40k reduction against a £110k mortgage-debt.

Mortgage Seminar: November 2015

Video 1

001 Where people fall down.
002 Legal Disclaimer.
003 Liability and the Obligation to Pay.
004 Consider a typical Loan facility.
005 Verbal agreement.
006 Security.
007 Deposit/Transfer of Property for Specific Purpose.
008 Lord Goodard.
009 Fiduciary Duty.
010 Title.
011 Every Contract is a “Marriage”.
012 The Bride’s “security”.
013 The Three Rings.
014 Security for the Marriage.
015 Double Entry Accounting.
016 The Pawn Broker.
017 Buying back the Security.
018 The Boxing Rule.
019 Qualification.
020 Abandoned Property.
021 Deposit, Donation; same thing?
022 Access to Credit.
023 Treated as Cash

Video 2

024 Your Home is at Risk.
025 Return of Title
026 Proof of Claim, Proof of Loss.
027 Consent makes the law.
028 Force of Usage.
029 Their Property? Destroyed?
030 Judge Judy: Title Revisited.
031 Follow the paper-trail.
032 Offset against Tax.
033 Insurance Claim.
034 What’s in it for the Bank?
035 United they Stand: United they Fall.
036 Derivatives.
037 Inside Job.
038 Spells.
039 Leverage.
040 Key Question.
041 Dematerialised the Security
042 Proposal to Redeem #1.
043 Dealing with Solicitors.
044 Signing as Agent or Principal.
045 Banks can make it “disappear”.
046 Every situation is different.
047 Discharging the Account.
048 ‘Your Statement’.
049 DCA has “bought-the-debt”.
050 Cast a Doubting-Spell.
051 The Wizard of Oz.
052 The Force.
053 Jedi Master.

Video 3

054 What is a “Mortgage”?
055 Definitions and Interpretations.
056 Heritable Bank Definition of “Mortgage”.
057 Due Diligence.
058 That’s the “property” they’re referring to?
059 Are “you” part of the “We”?
060 Unqualified Staff.
061 Is legal-advice meaningful?
062 Proposal to Redeem #2.
063 Call their bluff.
064 See their Hand.
065 Unredeemed Promises.
066 No Redemption – No Pay.
067 Strategy foundation (unsecured debt)
068 Halifax Mortgage Conditions.
069 What is the “security”?
070 Taking peaceful-possession.
071 Discharge.
072 Where does the fault lie?
073 They haven’t completed “due-diligence”.
074 Power of Attorney.
075 Irredeemable.

Video 4

076 The Mortgage is Security.
077 Cash Service Provider.
078 The Absolute.
079 Distractions.
080 The ‘We’.
081 ‘You’, ‘Me’, ‘Us’ and ‘Them’.
082 When is an Instrument not an Instrument?
083 The Offer will Prevail over All.
084 Agent Provocateur.
085 Reasoned Argument.
086 Return of the Security.
087 How Solicitors react.
088 Who owns the Signature?
089 Standards of the Bank.
090 For Our Protection?
091 The Bank Dictates the Rules.
092 Negotiated Discount.
093 Trigger Points.
094 Example Interaction.
095 Letter of Phone?
096 Divide and Conquer.
097 We Look but don’t See.
098 Three Gun Salute.
099 Further Games Play.
100 Dances with Wolves.
101 Room '101'.

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