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Let me express my thanks to you Si for the amount of time and effort you've put in over the years. When I first saw you on YT all those years ago, I tuned in for the comedy element.
There is no money.
Everyone is paying in promises.
Banks do not lend anything.
Money is created out of...
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Another Debt Bites the Dust

The YAYC team has in excess of 100 live "cases" on the go at any one time and many of them are debt related.

Slowly but surely, we're uploading results information to this website, but it takes time because we spend most of our time working on other parts of the Site which are available to Insiders or Jedii Academy Members. 

We recognise that it's important for you to see that results can be achieved!

In the case featured below, a friend of the Show ("Paul") was having a real tough time...

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The End of All Digital Currency?


Please watch the video above.

The video relates to an article which is rapidly being circulated online. 

The article has been replicated below in its entirety. Whilst I don't necessarily agree with all the conspiratorial stuff - full credit to Mike Adams for the insight.   

This is the source of the article. If the contents are accurate, then Google has taken the first step toward ending all digital currency, including, in my humble opinion, bank digital currency. 

In my...

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Trusts - The Basics


What is the Problem?

This week's question has been raised by many people including Theresa from Southampton. Theresa asks:

"What is a trust, how does it work and what are the benefits of creating a trust?"

What To Do

The word "trust" usually prompts people to think about their close friends and family - those that they actually trust. The feeling of trust is at the heart of the trust relationship, because ultimately you are trusting someone to perform contractual duties for the benefit of...

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Am I Obliged to do What Government Says?


What is the Problem?

This week's question has been raised by countless people throughout the ages:

"I believe "my" government is corrupt. I no longer wish to contribute to a corrupt and or criminal SYSTEM let alone take part, but I'm threatened with fines and penalties if I don't take-part (ie: vote). Am I obliged to take part even though I have lost faith, and trust, in the SYSTEM?"

What To Do

To find the truth, we look at a simple example in the above video.

You can find out the true nature...

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A Donkey's Tale

In my younger years I often went abroad on package holidays to hotspots such as Tenerife, Rhodes, and Gran Canaria.


During one such trip, I (and the girlfriend at the time) got off the plane, passed through security, left the airport and boarded one of the many coaches which were waiting to literally dump people at their hotels (and in some cases, the hotels were actual dumps or incomplete building sites!)

Our coach soon filled up, and once the coach driver had finished cramming all...

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Insurance Contracts are Gambling Contracts ~ The Concept of Insurable Interest


An Insurance Contract is a Gambling Contract as Si (aka TheSpaniard) is about to explain.

Way back when it was common place for the wealthy to insure the lives of peasants who they would, in turn, then proceed to kill ~ in order to collect the insurance payout!

Then along came the concept of Insurable Interest which was supposed to end the profiteering! But has it?

If you'd like to learn more about this and other interesting subjects concerning Banking, Insurance and Law, simply click here...

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The Temporary Suspension of the Gold Standard in 1931 & How to Exchange Bank Notes for Gold


In 1931 the Gold Standard Amendment Act "temporarily" suspended the ability of the people to exchange their Bank of England "promises", for Gold.

That 'temporary' measure has lasted in excess of 85 years and is still in place!

So why did it happen?

Tabled as a "National Emergency" it wasn't. It was a Banking Emergency!

The Bank of England wasn't Nationalised until 1946!

The general public had become disillusioned with Bankers and the Banking fraternity at large - and with good reason....

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Money - The Game Changer


You are no doubt aware that there is something very wrong with the existing banking-system, and the creation of money-as-debt.

We intend to do everything we can, to change this intolerable state of play.

Presenting: the Universal Trade Union. The people’s union. A union of people. A collective voice, acting as one, designed to remove the power-of-money-creation from the hands of the international banking community, and place it back where it belongs: in the hands of the people.


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The Finance Curse – Professor confirms Banks do Not loan Money: Exchange of Promises (securities)



Our thanks to Karl from Norwich who told us about this video and said that it “backs up what you say”.

If you’ve seen the video, then we trust you’ll appreciate what follows, for we have transcribed the important stuff for you.

Contemplate the information. Resonate with it. And above all: use it!

You may wish to refer to the video as being “that” which has caused-you to ask questions. What a fantastic “excuse” to use as your reason...

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