How Can I Create My Own Job or Business?

Feb 28, 2018

What is the Problem?

This one comes from Michael in Southend, and his question is: “I want to leave the Rat-Race and create a support system for myself, but I don’t know where to start; can you give me some pointers?”

What To Do

You’re not alone Michael! There are hundreds upon thousands of people who share your desire to have a vocation, rather than a job… and let’s not forget, one of the root meanings of the word ‘job’ is persecution; no big surprise there then!

The Outline Solution

We believe that you have the ability to create a new support system for yourself, which you not only enjoy, but are also skilled at doing.

As always, preparation is key and if you start with some very simple techniques, you too may find a niche to suit you. However, for this process to work you must have the intention to make a change.

As part of your preparation, you're going to do some "brainstorming" which means spending 5(five) minutes intensely scribbling, and noting everything that comes into your mind, and I mean anything and everything.

  • Start by spending an hour or so relaxing.
  • Grab a pen and paper and ask yourself the question “what am I good at?
    • Brainstorm. Stop once the 5(five) minute mark has passed.

Now take a twenty-thirty minute break.

  • Complete the task again, but this time, ask yourself “what do I enjoy doing?
    • Brainstorm. At the end of 5(five) minutes, stop.

Now take a twenty-thirty minute break.

  • Complete the task again, but this time ask yourself “what would I like to do?” At the end of 5(five) minutes, stop, and go back over what you have written.
    You may find yourself contemplating and or mentally exploring some of the ideas you’ve put down on paper. You may find yourself scribbling additional ideas. That’s fine.
  • Repeat this process (on the same day) for the next two weeks. This gives your sub-conscious time to work.
  • During the three week period, opportunities will have begun "screaming-out" at you.
    • If not, take a few weeks out and begin the process again.

Possible Arguments Against You

  • You may need to check yourself and ensure that you are being realistic with your goals, (for example, I couldn’t become a gymnast, even if I wanted to, but that doesn’t mean I can’t become an expert in a related field, and or create a niche related to gymnastics)!
  • There are no obstacles other than yourself.
  • Intention is everything, not desire. Desire by it’s very nature is unachievable, thus it is the "intention" which counts; what do you intend the result of your new “path” to cause, create and or result in?
  • Try to imagine, and feel, how you will "feel" once you are doing what you want to do. Actually try and feel it. Resonate.
  • There is no such thing as “failure” only learning experience.

The Almost Legal Info

Be sure to check out any legal restrictions and or requirements - such as licenses and permits affecting your planned venture.

Helpful Paragraphs:

“Time is money” as the old saying goes.

Quite often business ideas fail, not because they're bad ideas, but because they're poorly executed, and that includes, among other things, pricing the product or service incorrectly.

Why not try working backwards, to figure out your pricing.

  • What do I need to earn to get by? Think annual salary or monthly income.

Understand that “quality of life”, “value” and “wealth” can’t always measured in monetary terms, because time, for example, is ultimately priceless; albeit the fact that people, companies, and such like, may be in the habit of wasting your time, or spending it for you!

  • Now break your annual or monthly target ‘income’ down into a daily, and then hourly target figure.
  • Give consideration to how long you are prepared to work each day, and how many days per week you wish to work. As this will affect the hourly rate you need to earn.
  • Add in a buffer. If you envisage yourself needing 8 separate 1 hour jobs per day, every day, to make things work, when and where are the ‘customers’ coming from?
  • Therefore, when working out your hourly rate, build in a buffer by assuming you will only get half the jobs you could handle: eg. if you are prepared to work 8 (eight) hours per day, calculate your hourly rate on four hours work per day, for a five day week.

Now you know what you need to earn daily, and you have an hourly indicator to assist you with your pricing structures, you’re ready to create/build the rest of your product or service.

Need More Help?

Ultimately, it starts with you. If your current job just isn’t doing it for you; why not work for yourself. Job "security" and "insecurity" starts in the mind. And you will seldom achieve what you want to by working for someone else!

If you need help creating your own support system, or are unsure what products/services you could promote/sell, why not work with us and join our Affiliates Program?

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