If the Pen is Mightier than the Sword ...

Feb 19, 2019

This phrase first appeared in 1839 in a play about Cardinal Richelieu, penned by the nineteenth-century writer Sir Edward Bulwer-Lytton.

The phrase is a metonymic adage, indicating that communication (particularly the written word) [or as some would interpret it - administrative power, or advocacy of an independent press], is a more effective tool than direct violence.

The intimation here is that the "pen" via 'administrative power', or a "free" press can be used for good; for that which is right and just.

But what about the flip side of the coin?

What happens if an "administrative power" were to be usurped, or said "pen" used toward an ill rather than just purpose?

If, the pen truly is mightier than the sword, is it possible that where once people were enslaved at the point of a sword, said people could now be enslaved at the point of a pen? Taking things a stage further, is it possible for people to be enslaved by words, as in those created by a pen?

It's true to say that we spell words, and words are spelled. When you were young you most likely had spelling tests. In such context is the formation of words not wizardry or witchcraft?

Words will always have power: they have the power to rouse, to empower, to motivate, to free, to paint pictures in the mind or convey messages of love. They have the power to captivate an audience or to compel performance.

Words are the building-blocks by which any sentence is created, though a "sentence" is more commonly known as that which is handed down to a guilty party. Undoubtedly, a well framed sentence can be used to capture, control or ensnare the minds of lesser mortals.

And what of meaning? 

If words have no meaning they become meaningless, but what if words have two meanings? How can one know the true meaning of a message if the words used within said message have two or more meanings? 

Perhaps that's where context comes into play? Note: con-text

Having studied our beloved SYSTEM for in excess of ten years, I can - hand on heart - say the following without hesitation:

1. You are all slaves to the SYSTEM (rich or poor), though quite obviously, the rich have the means to make their "life" sentence within said SYSTEM a little more tolerable.

2. Those of you who are unaware of the GAME being played have, without doubt, been tricked with words

3. You each have the means at your disposal to enjoy more freedom(s) than you do currently.

4. Some freedoms are obtained by simply changing your perception of the WORLD around you, whilst others

5. are protected by paying close attention to the words you use and how you use them, whilst others still

6. are defended and upheld by paying close attention to the words used by others.

The video above should serve as notice that one man's sleight of hand is another man's magic.

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