Birmingham Midshires – Who Owns My Mortgage?

Mar 04, 2018

What is the Problem?

Mr Treanor, from Bedfordshire, contacted the show with a problem. He is trying to sell his home, and this will mean redeeming his mortgage. Unfortunately, the mortgage company doesn’t own the mortgage and therefore Mr Treanor cannot ‘redeem’ it (buy-it-back)!

In a situation like this, does Mr Treanor have to pay the mortgage company anything?

One of the great things about knowing when things are not right is being able to step in and do something about it. It’s a sad truth that so many people working in large corporations don’t really know how to do their job properly, and this is usually because they have been badly trained and or poorly instructed.

The thing is, staff have been using incorrect methods and processes for so long that these incorrect methods/processes have become the unwritten ‘company policy’ (aka "the norm")

Unfortunately company policy can be wrong and in some cases it can be downright unlawful!

What To Do

Our collective task, in the first instance, is to educate ourselves as to what is right. Then we need to educate those working in big companies. This is achieved by standing firm when they try and con us, whether through ignorance or an intention to deceive.

The Outline Solution

In this video, Simon brings a couple of fundamental matters to the attention of the chap he is speaking with, at Birmingham Midshires. Simon attempts to explain how the Bank is not acting properly with regard to a mortgage redemption.

It's an enlightening conversation…

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