The Campaign to Encourage Businesses to do Better

Mar 01, 2018

What is the Problem?

This one comes as the result of a conversation between Simon and Mark “How can we make businesses treat us better as customers?

Companies exist for one reason and one reason only: to make profit for the benefit of the shareholders.

Yes, there are a few well intentioned companies which, as part of their mission statement, seek to invest in communities and or worthy projects. They may sometimes classify themselves as “not-for-profit” entities.

For the most part however companies want and need you, the customer, because without you a company cannot survive. If we consider the staff as the life-blood of a company, then your cash is the water (current-sea) it needs to consume in order to stay alive.

The Outline Solution

This is the bit which requires some action from you and as you will see, we’ve made it really easy for you.

How can we use this information to ‘encourage’ companies and businesses to do better?


Step 1. If you haven't already done so, join Insiders for FREE.

Step 2. Visit the Insiders Privileged Information Section of the site by clicking the "My Library" tab at the top of any page.

Step 3. Scroll down through the information modules which are available and click on the module called "The Campaign".

Step 4. Download the relevant Feedback Letters (good or bad).

Step 5. Complete the letters. Remember - one letter will go direct to the member of staff and one will go to the Human Resources Dept!

Step 6. Place each letter in its own envelope and post - with love!

Job done!


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