Dave Eden: Stop and Search Initiative with Consequences for PUBLIC SERVANTS


The Problem:

For far too long some of those occupying the OFFICE of PUBLIC SERVANT have abused their positions.

The truth is that you: the people, are ultimately responsible for ensuring that those in your SERVICE do what THEY are supposed to do!

If you turn a "blind-eye" then those with one hand in the PUBLIC PURSE are likely to do things that you would otherwise find unacceptable ~ and we're not just referring to excessive expense claims!

Abuses perpetrated by PUBLIC SERVANTS (those in...

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Funny Things People Say About Banks


At some point we all have problems with 'our' bank because most of the time their actions seem to be totally irrational.

Just to see how completely daft some of their decisions can be we went on a quest to find out more and have come up with the top 10 funniest, most witty and frankly accurate things people say about about banks and put them all in one place. 

So here you have it….10 truthful memes about banks. If we missed your favourite, be sure to share in the...

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Avoid being Branded "One of the Herd"


What is the Problem?

This one comes from Vanessa in Birmingham, and her question is: “What do you think about branding by big companies?”

What To Do

Look at the words.

Consider the universe: In the beginning was the word.

The word Logos is Greek meaning "word", but the true meaning goes beyond that - it's "the inward thought itself" or "the rational principle that governs and develops the universe." 

The word "logic" comes from Logos. 

When we think...

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The "Love" Tax


What is the Problem?

This is a subject which has been raised a few times. Noticing a pattern in the behaviour of Benefits Agency staff, we thought it best to investigate and see what’s going on.

Simply put… being “in-love” can seriously damage your purse strings, and we’re not referring to those gifts, dates, or other expenses associated with courting.

If you're speaking to an employee of HMRC/DWP, then being "in-love" can cost you, especially if you’re in...

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Health Essentials


Mark has been doctor free for in excess of 40 years.  

Mark consumes the following on a regular basis:

  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin D
  • Turmeric
  • Fulvic Acid
  • Iodine
  • Potassium
  • Magnesium
  • Zinc
  • CBD 

Click here for all your Health Essentials:


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The Results Page

What is Realistically Achievable?

Simon aka "TheSpaniard" has a vast amount of experience challenging the wrongful actions/inactions of CORPORATIONS and in particular; the staff working for them! Below are some of the results he has achieved.

If you refuse to put-up any kind of resistance, then you are likely to get trampled-on: again, and again, and again. Simply standing-up for yourself can bring results!

This page will be updated on a regular basis as new results come-in, and we will...

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Is it a Need or a Want? - How One Man Became a Millionaire

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a millionaire?

I'll wager that you've most likely thought about it at some point in your life.

For some, the dream becomes a reality. Sometimes by chance (eg winning the lottery) and sometimes by design (eg discipline, putting money to work, and making decisions with a single minded goal in mind: to acquire and build wealth).

For one man (we'll call him John) the dream became a reality and this is how he did it.

In his early twenties John realised something....

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What Are People Saying?

We have received thousands of messages of thanks and gratitude. Don’t just take it from us; check out what people are saying about the site, our strategies and our research:

I listen to the courses in the car on the way to take my boys to school - their fav Simon quote is from the A4V course, "just sign the bloody thing" hahahaha. (9 yrs. and 7 yrs. so they get a kick out of it, we allow colorful language in the car within reason) Kristi (USA).


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Another Debt Bites the Dust

We recognise that it's important for you to see that results can be achieved!

In the case featured below, a friend of the Show ("Paul") was having a real tough time of it. We offered to intervene and help. As you can see, we have been successful (yet again) in freezing the debt. 



In this case the Finance Company [which is actually HSBC] says it has made a decision to "stop any further collections activity". In reality - it had little option but to stop collections activity...

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The End of All Digital Currency?


Please watch the video above.

The video relates to an article which is rapidly being circulated online. 

The article has been replicated below in its entirety. Whilst I don't necessarily agree with all the conspiratorial stuff - full credit to Mike Adams for the insight.   

This is the source of the article. If the contents are accurate, then Google has taken the first step toward ending all digital currency, including, in my humble opinion, bank digital currency. 

In my...

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