Another Debt Bites the Dust

Nov 28, 2019

The YAYC team assists people with in excess of 100 live "cases" at any one time and many of them are debt related.

Slowly but surely, we're uploading results information to this website, but it takes time because we spend most of our time working on other parts of the Site which are available to Insiders or Jedii Academy Members. 

We recognise that it's important for you to see that results can be achieved!

In the case featured below, a friend of the Show ("Paul") was having a real tough time of it. We offered to intervene and help. As you can see, we have been successful (yet again) in freezing the alleged debt. 


It really is simple to stop Finance Companies and Banks. 

Yes, it takes some courage to overcome your fears, but once you know how this GAME works is there really anything to be scared of? 

In this case the Finance Company [which is actually HSBC] says it has made a decision to "stop any further collections activity". In reality - it had little option but to stop collections activity because we gave it no other option! 

Banks like to "save face" by making comments of this nature.

The end result, in 99.99% of cases, tends to be the same. The Bank leaves you alone and doesn't extort further funds from you

In our opinion, the Bank can leave an outstanding "debt" on its books forever. What do we care?

Regardless of whether the Bank claims a debt exists the burning question is this: 

Will it ever try and enforce its claim to the alleged debt? 

We believe the answer to that question is "no"!

Remember - they play on your fears, and may of those "fears" are totally irrational.  

Credit Rating

Paul isn't worried about the Bank's opinion as to his "credit-worthiness" (ie: credit rating).

Remember - a credit rating is just an "opinion" from your "would-be" slave master as to how good a "slave" you are. In other words; have you fallen for the trick, are you oblivious to the lies, and wil you be an obedient and good slave by gifting money or money's worth to the Bank?

Paul doesn't wish to ever deal with the Banks again - especially now he knows how they create "money" and what they do with all those paper "credit agreements" (aka - loan notes)!

If you would like to learn how to wipe-off and or freeze alleged Bank debt - you can attend the 4 hour Get Out of Debt Webinar by joining the Insiders and visiting the toolbox.

Here are some other extracts from recently received letters:

And here's the Account Statement to show the Balance was wiped off by the Bank:



Until next time

Big love

Simon & Mark

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