Apr 29, 2018

We receive many messages of thanks and gratitude. Here’s a selection for your perusal.

We also present some of the results people have achieved using our methods. We hope they will inspire you!

  • They did the research
    Know your adversary. Find their weaknesses, and vulnerabilities. Use their rules and their words against them.

  • They used the right strategy
    Follow simple logical steps. You just have to understand which process to use, for a given situation.

  • They took action
    The key is taking the right action, at the right time. If you plan
    for your adversary's "come-backs", and know in advance how you’re going to counter, then the outcomes are rarely bad.

What Are People Saying?

Don’t just take it from us, check out what other people are saying:

“Hola Si, Success! Within a day, by phone calling da Banksters to claw-back DDG’s, we have had a COMPLETE AND UTTER SUCCESS in that all DDG’s, incl all back-dated charges, have been deposited back into our account in full! The Banksters are Nat-West, phone call around 4pm Tues, Weds funds in!

A very good result indeed, this stuff really works, we are really impressed, delirious and thank you so much Si. Muchas Gracias!

Steve M.

“Hi there, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all of your posts and videos regarding bank fraud. Today my husband and I had our possession order struck out of the Circuit Court in Dublin Ireland. We watched your you tube videos, which started us on a long road of research and self education. Today all the hard work and study paid off.

Thank you for opening our eyes and encouraging us to stand up and be counted. Forever your friend”

Linda K.

“The claw back is genius. TV licence got humped by me for almost 1900 quid. When the bank asks you what is incorrect/wrong tell them only that it is wrong and nothing else. They will tell you they need to know what is wrong but insist that it is between you and TV licence.

Tvl can’t do anything but ask you for it back. I clawed it back because I have never needed a license.”

Brian V.

“We have followed ur advice over the past couple of years. Over £11k returned from doing own ppi and suing junk mail demons, and comp for general poor services thx ”

Tiffany P.

“Due to you, we reclaimed over 18k back from our mortgage. We thank you.”

Owen M.

“I’ve got to say simon, love your stuff, and with some top tips from you, i wrote off 12 grand credit cards, not that i wanted to, it was just their attitude towards me”

Andy E.

“Hi Simon, would love to attend but I work as a Chef full time and this weekend is going to be very busy for us. Love the work YAYC you are putting out – I am reciprocating and sharing as much as I can through social networks and word of mouth.

Keep up the good work and hopefully one day we will catch up with each other. Look forward to future presentations and good luck this weekend. Massive Love”

Kevin B.

“Si, I’ve been watching your stuff for a few years now, and I have thoroughly enjoyed your presentations, and have been made aware of an enormous amount of ‘hidden’ knowledge of law and finances. I guess you would call me a fan of your’s 

As for YouAndYourCash.Com, well it’s another awesome production. Fantastic information, particularly for the newbies. In typical plain language, you are ‘hitting the nail on the head’. Looking forward to future presentations. Cheers”

Gary M.Adelaide, Australia

“hey si, Look after yourself man and remember you’ve ploughed the furrow and set the standard and total respect to you. You’re job doesn’t have to be done but you’ve done a mighty fine job even if you did nothing else. There is apathy but also take solace that a lot of us have strength because of you.

Also remember a lot of youth have switched away and think free anyway. My chance meeting with you transformed my life and I will knuckle drag the message around till I expire.”

Nick P.

“thank you for all your information, you have no idea how much it is appreciated”

JJ Murphy

“What you are doing is indescribably fantastic”

Terry S.

“I’d give you guys a medal if I could, peace bro.”

James T.

“Hello Mate, Keep up the good work man… I’m sure you’re making a difference, and it’s not going to be long before your work becomes mainstream social media news (despite the attempted censorship!) What a legacy…”

Rob P.

“Cheers for now mate. I’ve shared that video and everyone who’s watched it is says they are amazed that this is how mortgages are and all of them want to know how we get on with it. I reckon they want to try it themselves!! Sent it to my son in Cayman and he said ‘f**k me, what a super smart guy’!!”

Paul T.

“I’m glad there are people like yourself who are helping people like me, all we need to sort out now is how you get a fair share for your work…. Excellent work Brother, I have total confidence in you and what you are doing. Peace.”

Sean G.

“Hi Simon. I am watching your latest video. Incredible !!!!! I have just sent the video to L B C. I was unable to send the link. The format didn’t allow it. However I sent the title, and asked them to watch. I really admire what you are doing. I just wish I lived nearer. My best to you.

Frank S.

“Hi Spaniardo​, Im a big fan, been telling everyone i know about you but sometimes – horses and water? Yea please send me your newsletter. I don’t have a mortgage so don’t worry about that bit. I’m a ex South African Scotsman 

P.S if you ever need a floor to crash on for the night in Glasgow just don’t hesitate to ask.“ 

Ian E.

“Hi. I would like to congratulate you on trying to bring awareness to the people of the underhand tricks and ways our government and bankers etc are fleecing us sheep of our money and rights. I am new to all these shenanigans and goings on. Chip away at the foundations and the building will fall.”

Paul S.

“Thank you!!!!! I will let you know how it all turns out. I know God has really blessed you to help the people. I believe in you!”

Keenya W., USA

“Ive been following your stuff on youtube since 2013. I implemented the knowledge and started to get some returns. My largest one so far is £5000.00 against barclays insurance. A lot of £50 victories ……..”

Charles B.

“Hi Simon, It was a BRILLIANT day of enlightenment and reinforcing the belief….love your energy and outlook at it all”

Terry A.

“Hello all, and thanks so very much for all the hard work. It’s made a huge difference for me. Last week did 2 direct debit claw backs, cash came through instantly. One of the companies was a debt collection agency. Both sums are considerable. Not heard any response from them. We’ll see what occurs.”

Stef O.

“Hi, just watched this slot you did on solicitors, SRA. Fantastic, laughing my head off as you got the guy on edge… Rings very true to a situation i have a while back….could not get any where, law unto themself…..nothing ever happens. But good coverage. Paul”


“Dear Simon, We have been watching your videos for sometime and are really impressed by the amount of information you are letting the public learn. We think you are a great, honest human being and a ‘hero’ for many people. You are a very intelligent and brave man too. Keep up the good work.”




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