Acceptance for Value ("A4V") ~ Foundations

Perhaps you've heard of it, perhaps you've tried it, and perhaps you've had no success with it. Why? 

Most likely you've been doing it all wrong. 

For this very special live event, we welcome Andrew Donald back into the fold to present his proven methodology for gaining results using "Acceptance for Value" or "A4V". 

What if the PUBLIC is Bankrupt? What if money of substance has been removed from the PUBLIC? What if only "promises to pay" remain? What if all "money" is actually debt? Can you pay a debt with a debt? Who owes all the money and to whom is it owed? 

What if nothing can be paid, only discharged? How does one discharge debt? 

We're going to show you how to use the Acceptance for Value process correctly, and more importantly, we're going to show you how to enforce it.

Andrew has used this process multiple times to clear unsecured debts of £000's in the PUBLIC: for example; Penalty Charge Notices, Unsecured Bills, Court Orders, and similar such "debts". 

You will walk away from this event fully empowered to discharge debt in the PUBLIC. You'll be able to do it properly, and with confidence. You'll be provided with all the tools necessary to make it happen ~ and that means templates!

The live event will take place on a Saturday sometime between 27th July 2019 and 7th September 2019. If you cannot attend the live event have no fear - the event will be recorded and attendees will have lifetime access to the footage and handouts. 

Insiders ONLY are invited to apply for an early bird discount.

Places at the live event are limited - so book now to avoid disappointment. Preference will be given to Insiders should the event become over subscribed. 


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