Direct Debit Guarantee & Clawback Training

You can use the Guarantee to claw back £10's, £100's or £1000's wrongly taken from your Bank Account

Based on Tried and Tested Strategies

The Problem

Direct Debits are common place in this world of automated banking, and digital bill-paying.

Each Direct Debit provides an outside third-party with the authority to “dip” into your bank account. That’s an awful lot of power to hand to a third-party, usually a corporation or alternate bank.

So what happens if it all goes wrong?

What happens if an error occurs, or you suddenly discover that all is not what it seems?

The Solution:

The Direct Debit Guarantee, "guarantees" you the right to a full refund, from your bank, if something goes wrong.

It acts like an indemnification; an insurance.

And you are entitled to an immediate, full refund of all “problem” debits taken from your bank account. No questions asked!

The Way Ahead:

Thinking-outside-the-box can provide you with tools that you may not have previously considered were available to you.

Firstly: what’s to stop you using the guarantee to create leverage, which in turn can provide you with an additional bargaining chip when resolving disputes?

Secondly: for those of you with greater knowledge, especially as regards the charade of bank-loans, what’s to stop you using the guarantee to balance the books?

What’s going to be covered in the Videos?

Simon will explain, in depth, how he obtained in excess of £10,200.00 from a well known banking organisation, in order to balance the books; using the Direct Debit Guarantee and Indemnity Clawback.

Alongside Simon’s unique way of explaining things, we’ll also make available the letter he used to effect the claw back, and we’ll even show you a scan of the cheque received as a result.

In addition, Simon presents what we consider to be the perfect argument should a Banking institution decide to pursue recovery of the funds clawed back; something Simon has successfully used to repel two Banking institutions: one being the example briefly mentioned in the build up video, and the second: a claw-back Simon effected along similar lines.

In addition; Simon and Mark engage in some role play to demonstrate the way in which Simon overcomes the problem of staff seeking to obstruct activation of the Guarantee.

We think you’ll find the resulting videos both entertaining and inspiring.

Part 1:
The Basic Methods

Part 2:
The Nitty Gritty and how to respond to resistance from the bank


This Remedy is applicable to ALL STATES, ALL COUNTRIES where direct debits are in operation. Commercial Practices are Internationally recognised.

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