Trusts ~ A Foundation Course

In this Seminar we will explain how Trusts work and how you can use them in active "combat" situations. 

It's one thing to know that a Trust involves a Grantor, a Trustee and a Beneficiary, but what is each party entitled to and what responsibilities do they have?  

More importantly, is it enough to simply pick a position and stick with it regardless of the situation? 

The answer to that question is most definitely "NO"! That's where people get themselves into trouble. 

  • Do you always want to be the Beneficiary? Not necessarily!

  • Do you always want to be the Trustee? Not necessarily!

  • Or does it depend on the context of the situation you find yourself in? Absolutely! 

A fundamental understanding of Trusts is imperative if you wish to "see" the MATRIX in all its glory, and avoid the vampires and other leeches looking to latch onto you. Trusts can be thought of as an "invisibility" cloak, or Energy Shield.

The Seminar took place on Saturday 26th October 2019. You can access the recording of that Seminar and all handouts by clicking to buy!


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