Acceptance For Value ~ Masterclass

We turn our attentions to enforcement. 

Anyone can copy A. N. Other's template, or "homework", but only those with understanding are likely to succeed when tested.

In this Masterclass we revisit the A4V process and take a more hands on approach by inviting attendees to bring their "bills" along for acceptance.

We will work through numerous examples and even hold a Moot Court to not only show attendees what to expect if enforcement is required, but how to present before the Court.

The Masterclass is intended to hone your skills and build your confidence.

Book now to avoid disappointment.

The Masterclass will take place on a Saturday toward the end of April 2020 or early May 2020 

Expected Start time: 11:00am

Expected End time: 6:00pm

Places for physical attendance at the Masterclass are limited. If you do not  attend the physical Masterclass, have no fear - the Masterclass is being recorded and you can obtain lifetime access to the footage and handouts by booking now. 

Attendees will also receive lifetime access to the footage and handouts as is the way with ALL YAYC solutions, recordings and seminars.

Works in UK, US, AUZ, NZ, CANADA, and all countries with Central Banks and IMF interference. 


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