How to Hold Corporations to Account

Would you like to receive £3k-10k per annum for complaining when things go wrong?

This Remedy is applicable to people from ALL STATES, ALL COUNTRIES. Commercial Practices are Internationally recognised.

The Problem
Good-Service appears to have become a thing of the past. All too often, when CORPORATIONS make mistakes, the impact on your time, and stress-levels, can be massive. And what’s more, they often expect you to give-up your time for FREE, in order to help their staff do their jobs!

The Solution
The only way to make CORPORATIONS take-notice of the negative impact their ineptitude has on you, the customer, is to hit their bottom-line. So why not help-them reach the conclusion that they should pay you compensation?

The Way Ahead
Using a variety of simple techniques, you can not only make-the-point about poor-service, but can also gain recompense and the satisfaction of doing to them, what they do to you; thus balancing the scales.

What’s Going to be Covered in The Videos?

How to Hold Corporations to Account presents you with some simple techniques, which you can easily employ, in order to gain compensation, and or improve your chances of obtaining compensation, as opposed to simply “hoping” that you will receive a goodwill gesture of some kind.

Customers appear to have forgotten how to enforce the BIG-BOLD statements which provide those BLUE-SKY marketing professionals with their pay-checks. Customers have grown used to appalling service, accepting the throw away promises (words) of Marketing Departments as opposed to the substance of actual “service”, and CORPORATIONS are more than willing to seize upon such apathy, enlisting you, the customer, to solve their problems for them – as if you are an extension of the CORPORATION, working for free.


CORPORATIONS spend vast amounts of their marketing budget, seeking feedback, so that they (the CORPORATIONS), can allegedly improve their products, and service delivery and thereby increase turnover, customer loyalty, and ultimately profits. Customers are the life-blood of any CORPORATION, for without you, there is no CORPORATION, and all too often, the front-end-staff appear oblivious to that simple truth! Once upon a time “the-customer-was-always-right”, nowadays, “the-customer-is-always-wrong”.

There is only one way to ensure you receive a high standard of service; you must expect it, demand it, and seek compensation when it isn’t forthcoming. In this way, you help CORPORATE employees understand that their actions, and or inactions, have consequences – financial consequences. Plus, it’s always nice to come away from a phone call, or interaction, whilst getting paid!

We are not here to further the “compensation-culture”. We are simply here to empower the “little-guy”, in the face of CORPORATE ignorance/negligence.

This is a course comprising downloadable videos, case studies and sample documents for you to use as a Guide for your own correspondence.

How to Hold Corporations to Account

Video 1

  • This video includes five (5) Case-Studies (prime examples of “cock-ups” perpetrated by CORPORATIONS and their not-so-efficient employees). In each Case-Study we get paid out!
  • The Case of First Direct. What happens when a Credit Card Company makes you look bad by rejecting your purchase? Win £500.00
  • The Case of Nat West Bank and their inability to close an account and forward a cheque for the closing balance. Win £670.00
  • The Case of Anglian Home Improvements: the mis-measured conservatory Win £1250.00
  • The Case of Islington Council and the Parking Meter which wouldn’t accept payment. Win £25.00
  • The Case of Aviva and the Mis-information. Win £265.00

Video 2

  • This video also includes five (5) Case-Studies. In each Case-Study we get paid out!
  • The Case of Santander and the Arrears letter chasing non existent arrears! Win £80.00
  • The Case of the Window Sales Company and one unwanted telesales call. Win £400.00
  • The Case of TMTI and the uncancelled Direct Debit. Win £565.00
  • The Case of Pets at Home and the faulty Hutch Hugger. Win – a replacement item and one happy bunny!
  • The Case of Homeserve, the unwanted telesales call, and the unwanted mailshot. Win £295.00.

The Documents

  • In addition to the handouts accompanying the Case Studies, we have provided you with a sample methodology for creating a “private-record-of-the-parties”
  • The sample paperwork we have included is, in our opinion, very powerful.
  • When things go wrong, it may be essential to agree the facts in order to highlight precisely where the fault, and any associated liability, rests.
  • Creating a private-record often enables the "facts-to-speak-for-themselves", and can be applied to a variety of situations.
  • The paperwork we’ve included should be handled with extreme care and should not be considered a template.

We're going back in time to the days of the WhiteRabbit Trust to find out where so much of this great information came from.

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