Welcome to The Rabbit Hole

To understand the GAME you must first look beneath the veil, to reveal what lies-beneath. In this series of 6 videos we take a look at the foundations of the SYSTEM and we show you that all is not what it seems. We take a trip back in time to the days of the WhiteRabbit Trust in order to find out where so much of this great information came from.

This presentation is applicable to people from ALL STATES, ALL COUNTRIES. Commercial Practices are Internationally recognised.

The Problem
You’re here because you know something. What you know you can’t explain, but you feel it; that there’s something wrong with the world. 
It is this feeling that has brought you to us.

The Solution
To find your solutions, you must accept the way things are. Only then can you set out on the path to become that which you are supposed to be.

The Way Ahead
Einstein is reported as defining insanity thus:  
“doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”.
Isn’t it about time we found a different way of doing things?
You have to let it all go. Fear, doubt, and disbelief. Free your mind.

What’s Going to be Covered in The Videos?

The Rabbit-Hole is deep; very deep.

It spirals and twists, branching off in many directions, but no matter which tunnel you choose to explore, you always seem to end-up back at the beginning. Like everyone else, you were born into bondage. Into a prison that you cannot taste, see or touch. A prison for your mind.

Do you believe your life has purpose? Is life a test, and the purpose of said test; the pursuit of knowing/knowledge? To learn, man must fall; make mistakes, get things wrong. Perhaps life (the term also given to a prison-sentence) is meant to teach us something?

Each and every trip into the Rabbit-Hole, opens your eyes a little-further. You will begin to “see” the ‘veil’, and once you recognise the veil, it becomes possible to lift-the-veil, and peek behind.

Your task then, is to seek-out and gather vital-pieces of information; like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. The more you look – the more you find; and as you continue to journey deep into the Rabbit-Hole, so truth(s) will begin to fall into place, and together those truths paint a picture for you: the reality of how things truly are, through the looking-glass. Your prize?



Video 1

  • All the world is a stage and the men and women merely players. They have their exits and their entrances, and one man in his time plays many parts.
  • When seeking work, we apply to take up a position, and it comes with a job Title. We are handed the Role, and are told how we are expected to Act. The Directors run the Show.
  • We each Act in many different Capacities. Capacity implies the Mind, when we speak of “mental-capacity”.
  • Govern-ment. Govern: ‘to control‘. Ment, Mente: Latin, ‘of the mind’
  • Control the mind, and one controls the body.
  • Employee is a french-word meaning: ‘agent-of-government’
  • Roman MAXIM: ‘he who would be deceived, let him be deceived

Video 2  

  • law is unopposed motion; if I ask you to make me a cup of tea and you do it without objection, you give my words the force-of-law.
  • It has been said that “the pen is mightier than the sword”. ‘The pen’ implies WORDS. Move the “S” to the beginning and now I have a SWORD.
  • The Capitoline Triad; Worshipped in a temple on Capitoline Hill
  • Does ‘Capitol Hill’ ring any bells?
  • We live in a Capitalist Society.
  • To Capitalise: 1) Write in letters, 2) Convert into Capital, 3) To take advantage-of.
  • CAPITIS DIMINUTIO MAXIMA: In the Roman Law; a maximum loss of Status through capitalisation. The highest or most comprehensive loss-of-status occurred when a man’s ‘condition’ was changed from one of freedom, to one of bondage: ie., when he became a slave.

Video 3

  • If people are the “foundation” of society, does that not imply that the people are buried in some way? Does it not imply that the-people must bear-the-burden, carry-the-load of said society? Who owns this Society? You? Or someone else?
  • If “Capital” is synonymous with “Cattle”, then how are you perceived by those comprising government? Ministers preach to their flocks, and even in the House of Lords, the seat of the Lord Speaker is referred to as The-Woolsack.
  • You give birth to “kids”. Is it possible that each new “kid” is new cattle, representing new-capital in this thing we call the GAME of LIFE [imprisonment]. SOCIETY = so-c-ie-ty (“so”-“see”-“eye”-“tie”)?
  • We’re born, we work, we pay taxes, we consume, and then we die. We’re given a number whenever we inter-act with a company/government agency.
  • Are you sure that this society works the way you “think” it works?
  • Why does nothing ever seem to get better? Why the never-ending bloody struggle? Could it be that someone is profiting from your misery?

Video 4

  • How well do you understand this thing called “money”? Check your Bank of England “notes”.
  • A "promise-to-pay" money cannot possibly be ‘money’.
  • We call these “promises”: CASH.
  • If cash is a “promise-to-pay” money, what does a “loan-agreement” become the moment you sign it? Answer: CASH or to be more precise, an instrument which is “treated-as-cash” for accounting purposes.
  • So who loans who the CASH?
  • And thus, banking, or to be more precise, the-business-of-loaning “money” is not necessarily what you “think” it is.
  • “X” marks the spot on the pi-rates treasure map. But “X” also marks the spot where you must apply your signature. So what is the real treasure? What has the value?

Video 5

  • Once upon a time, “ice” acted as a medium of exchange (ie., it performed the function of money)
  • Ice had food preserving qualities – a valuable commodity in it’s own right.
  • In the market-place, how could someone exchange a cow, for a chair? How could that exchange be achieved unless it were not for a medium of exchange?
  • Thus; exchanges were often facilitated in ice, and or weight of “ice” (to fall due); a widely and readily accepted commodity (performing the function of money).
  • Where traders could not agree upon a fair-exchange, they could visit the market-Judge, often situated in a Court-yard adjacent to, or alongside, the main market-square. (Check out old market-towns).
  • These Judges would decide "a fair price" and their decision would be expressed in terms of "ice"; just-ice (justice), because it’s all about the cold-hard-current-of-the-sea. Currency.

Video 6

  • If religion refers to a system of belief, then perhaps religion affects our lives to a greater extent than we feel or think possible.
  • We spell words, and words are spells; afterall, words can certainly be used to spell-bind a reader.
  • The word “force” in force-of-law, implies some kind of struggle, and if the sword has been replaced with words, then perhaps we should paying greater attention to the words we use, and the way in which we use them.
  • Everything appears to be back-to-front when peering into, and through-the-looking-glass [mirror]. For example, pride teaches us that asking-questions is a sign of weakness, or indicates a lack-of-knowledge. But, when the King ask questions, subordinates respond. When asking questions, one acts as-king, and each one of you possesses a crown! Thus asking questions is not a weakness, it is a strength, and knowing the answer to the question before you ask it, gives you power.

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