Outside the Matrix Festival - May 2019 - "Replay" of Simon's Presentation

Somewhere in Knebworth, among the trees and wildlife, stands a marquee.

In the marquee, during May 2019, Simon delivered a two hour presentation which wowed an audience of conscious beings, and lovers of all things alternative.

You can get a sense of the overall vibe at the festival by watching the replay of the presentation right now. 

Simon explains how he "woke up" to the corruption, the tricks and abuses of banks and government. He goes on to speak about the remedies you have at your disposal, including Trusts, Common Law Trusts, and Name Games, alternative currencies and how you can prepare yourselves for the coming crash. Economic downturns come in cycles, so the next one is coming - of that you can be sure!

Simon also explains the source of the true laws of England and unveils the nature which underlies the whole of society.

This is not to be missed and the audience were certainly entertained by the content. After his presentation, Simon found himself surrounded by people wanting to ask questions as is often the case.

We try to host events like this every year. So keep your eyes out for the emails if you wish to attend. We try to find weird and wonderful venues to give attendees an extra special experience.

The annual event will often involve camping.

Always on the agenda is: laughter, learning, networking and socialising with conscious and awakened friends.


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