How to Get Rid of Unwanted Official Visitors

Based on Tried and Tested Strategies

Simple training which shows you how to deal with people coming to your door.

The Problem
We outline the sneaky way ‘Official Callers’ ignore the laws and regulations governing the way they deal with you, in order to get what they want!

The Solution
We outline simple solutions and give you the tools to thwart their naughty little schemes and put you firmly, and powerfully, back in control..

The Way Ahead
We explain how you can become a real pro when dealing with these people and get them scurrying away with their ‘official’ tail between their legs…

What’s Going to be Covered in The Training?

We’re going to talk you through the "thought-process" you need to adopt when dealing with unwelcome self important ‘official’ visitors, who call on you at your home, or your work place. These callers are usually only after one thing, to take something from you. It could be your money, your earnings, your rights and often-times (as opposed to sometimes); all three.

This information is for people who have been seeking tools, and understanding, so as to be able to deal firmly, politely, and powerfully, with this type of caller, but weren’t quite sure what they could do, or how far “they could go”, yet are willing to take responsibility to make sure their own financial best interests are put first.

We’ll also outline ways in which you can turn the tables, and reflect the “pressure”, these people try-very-hard to put on you, making them realise that they are entirely responsible for the consequences of the-lies-they-tell, even if they "think" they are only doing their job.

“I’m only doing my job” is not a get-out-of-jail free card, especially when these people ignore, and break, the law, commit fraud, or otherwise deceive you!

We encourage you to program these simple techniques into your mind, so that you are able to respond to their verbiage in ways that will provide you with great entertainment, and have them scurrying away – PRONTO!

We show you how to use these powerful tools as non confrontational pressure points, when dealing with unwelcome callers who are trying to coerce you into doing something that is not necessarily in your best interests.

You’re going to learn the underlying ethos and thought process which makes these tools so powerful, and the suggested ways of using them. We suggest you make them part of your personal BS armour.

Take Control:
We reveal the underlying presumptions these callers have in that they expect you to be compliant with THEIR wishes.

We demonstrate how you can take control of the situation by helping you re-discover an ability that most people have forgotten…

Try not to laugh too much, or too obviously, when you come-back at them with the powerful reasons as to why you cannot accept their kind invitation to comply with their BS.

As the material has been very thoroughly honed down to remove any fluff and filler, you’ll be able to go through each section quite quickly and understand the core material within one to two hours.

As this training is provided in digital form, it should be noted that we do assume you have already subscribed, and have access, to read and download material from the website.  That way, you will be able to go back over any part, as many times as you like, in order to get the most from the information.

In the scripts, or ‘smart answers to the unwelcome visitor’s questions’, Simon will also be revealing some of his very powerful wordplay, and you’ll be able to use this as inspiration for your own “wizardry”, in order to get the upper-hand in ‘negotiations’ with visitors. These are not to be missed (nor misused).

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We have recently upgraded this tool/solution to include a Door Notice, and suggested best practice for defining what is Private Property, and the penalties for trespassing on said Private Property.

This Remedy is applicable to ALL STATES, ALL COUNTRIES. Commercial Practices are Internationally recognised.

This product/tool is only FREE to Jedii when delivered as part of their ongoing training through the Academy. If Academy Members wish to jump ahead and buy this course separately - it is not free.


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