The Jedii Academy

The forces of darkness are gathering. Shades of evil are everywhere - seeking to destroy the forces of peace, tolerance and hope. As a consequence of the shadows: cometh light.

The Jedii are an ancient order of warrior monks possessing, among other things, spiritual and academic qualities.  As beings sensitive to the force they are the guardians of peace and order in the universe.

The force envelopes and flows through everything. Jedii wield the force to defend the weak and protect the innocent. The Order consists of a diverse array of individuals acting autonomously, and as one, to defeat the forces of darkness.

If light be synonymous with knowledge; darkness is synonymous with ignorance.

Jedii hold the potential to affect countless lives and as such are expected to uphold a moral value system which includes purity of mind, body and soul.

Jedii typically experience a calling to the Order, following an awakening or revelation.

Each is on a path to enlightenment and empowerment (the light) through knowledge and wisdom, a philosophy emphasized by devotion to self-improvement, self-development, and selfless service through acts of charity and love.

If you have experienced an awakening, or revelation, join the Jedii Academy today.

This Remedy is applicable to people from ALL STATES, ALL COUNTRIES. Commercial Practices are Internationally recognised.

We are proud to present the Jedii Academy

A place of learning, study, training, testing, development, growth and enlightenment.

Our goal is to be everywhere and always: the champion of the right and the good So how will joining the Academy help you?

  • We’ll help you sift through the vast amount of information available via the internet, and we’ll bring you the important stuff - the key information which creates solutions for yourself, and your family.

  • We’ll present information clearly and concisely using easy to understand words and terminology

  • We’ll pace out your learning-experience. By drip-feeding you learning materials in a logical and structured fashion you won’t be overwhelmed.

  • We’ll focus on aspects of the law that you are likely to need and we’ll teach you a vast array of skills - from lodging effective complaints, to filing a court claim for harassment, to convening a court of record in order that you may defend yourself.

  • We’ll help you to fulfil your potential and we’ll guide you on your spiritual journey of enlightenment in your pursuit of knowledge.

  • We’ll also focus on other skill sets: such as positive mental attitude, lateral thinking, logical deduction, word play, and grammar.

  • We’ll measure your progress by inviting you to be tested (optional).

  • You'll also have an opportunity to work with us on special projects. 

  • Dare to Dream - imagine what an army of Jedii Warrior Monks could achieve. You can be a part of that positive change. You can make a difference!

  • Choose Monthly or Annual Membership.

  • Join the Alliance and take your place among the Jedii. 

  • All standard "tools" available from the ToolBox are FREE to Jedii Academy Members and will be delivered as part of your ongoing training - but only through the Academy. If you wish to jump ahead and buy a course/seminar/product/tool (separately) - you can do so - but if you jump ahead it will not be FREE. (We hope that makes sense and prevents any confusion). In other words - please exercise some patience!

  • Members of Jedii Academy will be entitled to benefit from the discounted Masterclasses after 6 months of membership. 
  • Only Jedii Academy members can join the Affiliate program. 

This is what existing members are saying: 

"Hands down the best course I've ever signed up to. Phenomenally interesting stuff. Looking forward to fortifying my position in life in all the different facets this material brings light to. Thank you for the programme. More of the world needs to become aware of this knowledge." James H.

"Very valuable and helpful presentation, awesome research" Anne H.

"Loving the Academy" Stephen V.

"I can see that this academy has been well put together and great structure … Very impressed with the presenters and their approach to the financial jungle" Terence D.

"Hi Si, I have been enrolled in the Jedi Academy for around 3 months - It’s the dogs bollocks." Phillip J.


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