The Jedii Academy

Are you a [sky]Walker or a Talker?

We are proud to present the Jedii Academy

A place of learning, study and training. It is also a Society. A Society of people whose aim is to promote and maintain the Society's standards of Excellence, Honesty, Integrity and Empathy. Working on the principle that decisions should be founded not solely on what is good for the individual, but what is good for the group as a whole. The Jedii's goal is to be everywhere and always: the champion of the right and the good, against the unjust and the evil.

So how will joining the Academy help you?

  • We’ll encourage you to study by holding regular webinar events and monthly “prompt” sessions. Remember - we can’t learn it for you - but we can take you on a journey which follows a logical, ordered path.
  • We’ll help you sift through the vast amount of information available via the internet, and we’ll bring you the important stuff - the key information which creates solutions for yourself, and your family.
  • We’ll present information clearly and concisely - and we’ll explain the important stuff in simple "Janet & John" style, using easy to understand words, so that you “get-it”, before we start using "official" terminology!
  • We’ll pace out your learning-experience, drip-feeding you webinars and other learning materials in a logical and structured fashion, so that you are not overwhelmed.
  • All standard "tools" available from the ToolBox are FREE to Jedii Academy Members and will be delivered as part of your ongoing training - but only through the Academy. If you wish to jump ahead and buy a course/seminar/product/tool (separately) - you can do so - but it will not be FREE. (We hope that makes sense and prevents any confusion). In other words - please exercise some patience! 
  • We’ve enhanced the Website so you’ll have your own profile and you’ll be able to store all of your learning materials in one place: "Your Library"
  • We’ll provide templates (where appropriate) because we want you to succeed.
  • We’ll focus on all aspects of the law that you are likely to need: from lodging effective complaints to filing a court claim for harassment. We’ll teach you the skills and show you the forms, from start to finish.
  • We’ll also focus on other skill sets: such as positive mental attitude, lateral thinking, logical deduction, word play (rhetoric), and grammar.
  • We’ll also help you measure your progress by giving you the option of taking exams and or attending gradings.
  • You'll also have the opportunity to work with us on special projects.

The Academy has been created to:

  • Help you increase your knowledge, and develop your skills;
  • Provide the medium through which you and like minded people can gather, work together, practice, compare experiences, and ultimately grow;
  • Create an environment in which mistakes/errors/falling are not ridiculed - they are accepted as a necessary part of the learning process;
  • Make learning and study fun;
  • Create a network of knowledgeable, motivated people, each of whom is not only skilled in the art of [s]wordsmanship, but is serious about bringing about positive change.

Choose Monthly or Annual Membership. Join the Rebel Alliance and take your place among the Jedii Warrior Monks.

This is what existing members are saying: 

"Very valuable and helpful presentation, awesome research" Anne H.

"Loving the Academy" Stephen V.

"I can see that this academy has been well put together and great structure … Very impressed with the presenters and their approach to the financial jungle" Terence D.









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