Short Settlement Master-Class

You can attend the Master-Class today, from the comfort of you own home.

The Master-Class took place on 1st June 2019 at Southend and we recorded the event. Click now to access the recording and handouts. You'll have lifetime access to this powerful tool, or until the internet is taken down - whichever comes first!

This Remedy is applicable to people from ALL STATES, ALL COUNTRIES. Commercial Practices are Internationally recognised.

How would you like a secret weapon which has the ability to kick any unsecured debt (where a contract is disputed) into touch? In fact, you can kick any "unsecured" demand for money against you into touch!

This information, and template letter, should be used as a last resort and will enable you to short-settle any outstanding debt.

This technology has been used to successfully clear Council Tax, Utilities, Loans/Credit Cards, Mortgage Shortfalls.

For example: Would you be happy to pay £61 rather than £19,000?
If, for any reason, you are unable to attend have no fear - we're filming it!
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This product/tool is only FREE to Jedii when delivered as part of their ongoing training through the Academy. If Academy Members wish to jump ahead and buy this course separately - it is not free.
As validation that this technique is founded in law: we received this email from one of the attendees.... 

Hi Simon, I hope you are well.
Just to let you know that I sent XXX council the full and final settlement letter that we discussed and followed the template you suggested....
My solicitor examined the documents and the content therein and concluded that the letter is valid and would hold water, she stated that it is also backed up by good law.
All the best,

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