Granting Lasting Powers of Attorney?

You need to have two "wingmen" available to you for "administrative" purposes! 

For that reason you are advised to operate study/working groups of three!

Your "wingmen" should be people you have absolute trust in! People that have your back! 

You may wish to consider granting power of attorney to your wingmen - just in case you find yourself in a difficult situation and you need someone to pull rank and make some moves on your behalf.

You can either create your own power of attorney (see the Powers of Attorney Act 1971 for guidance and template) [STATES outside of the UK will no doubt have their own Code/Act/Guidance/Template] OR you can check out the Office of the Public Guardian website [STATES outside the UK will most likely have an equivalent].

There are some huge benefits in registering Lasting Power of Attorney.

Have a think what those benefits could be, given the types of "situation" you may find your-"self" in!

If you want help completing the forms and or hand-holding throughout the entire process - we know people who can help.

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