Words, Spells and Magick

Their weapons are WORDS. Each one a SWORD, possessing the ability to cut, thrust, slash and draw. Your task is to look beyond the threats and find that which is hidden.

And so we journey into the WORLD of WORDS, where we peel back the veil of lies to uncover the truth.

We analyse spells cast by the MAGIC of HOLLYWOOD, and seek out the hidden messages within Films, Songs, Poetry.

The clues are all around you, hidden in plain sight, guiding you to your true self and your true power. Do you have the eyes to see the clues or the ears to hear them?

This will be of interest to people from all states, all countries - especially those using the English language or variations thereof. 

This is free to Jedii Academy Members and Supporters making a regular monthly gift to YAYC.


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