Create Your Own "Get Out Of Debt Business" - The Master-Class

We show you how to help-others, and help-yourself, and create an ethical support system in the process ~ wiping-off unsecured debt!

Watch the recorded replay of this extraordinary 2-Day Event, which was spread across two Saturdays during April 2019.

This Remedy is applicable to people from ALL STATES, ALL COUNTRIES. Commercial Practices are Internationally recognised.

Here's what one attendee had to say:

"Hi Si, I just want to say what a brilliant, outstanding course. I have been over this twice and will be referencing this on a daily basis. I already knew quite a lot but you have put this so clearly that one has had great success already. Brilliant" Mark Q - purchased the course June 2019. 


In this Master-Class you will learn everything you need to know to successfully operate and manage a debt elimination "business" which can sustain your family.

  • You will learn how money works
  • You will learn how loans are created from thin air
  • You will learn how to challenge, freeze, disable/wipe-off unsecured debt
  • You will receive extensive examples, templates and guidance, showing you how to deal with everything the Bank can throw at you
  • Multiple Case Studies to show you how Simon counters each specific type of attack/argument.
  • We'll show you real life examples and the actual letters which have passed to and fro.
  • You will receive copies of communication chains including Simon's letters - which you can adapt to your own situation.
  • You will learn a pricing system which is fair, affordable and sustainable
  • We will show you how to mitigate any "potential" tax liabilities
  • You will be given the option of ongoing support from YouAndYourCash - if you feel you need it.
  • You'll have lifetime access to the footage and handouts

Attend the seminar now, from the comfort of your own home.

Educate yourself, help others, add value and support your family.



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