The Sacred Path of Enlightenment.

You stand among the few to have seen through the veil which has blinded your brothers and sisters.  That alone makes you very special. 

The Sacred Path of Enlightenment is intended to open your minds "eye" even further. 

From the Darkness came the Light and Light is synonymous with 

Without Light there can be no Shadows.

Within the Shadows exist varying degrees of Darkness.

We come full circle.


You have a Path to follow: a Purpose. You are here for that Purpose.

If you are fortunate: you discover your Path. 

If you are disciplined: you stick to your Path.

The pursuit of Light leads to Enlightenment.

Come, begin your journey and walk your Path.

This information is applicable to all people on planet earth.

Available to Jedii Academy Members Only. 

Members of the Full Jedii Academy will be invited to walk the Path after six months. Members of the Jedii Academy 0.33 version, will be invited to walk the Path after 18 months. 


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