On Common Ground Webinar

Essential viewing for Change Warriors everywhere. We analyse the issues facing Change Warriors collectively, and identify the key role everyone can play in order to achieve the ultimate goal: a planet which can benefit everyone. Peace we can all enjoy. A society which meets the basic needs of everyone.

What Previous Attendees Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let these participants do the talking!

What You Get

The whole 4hour+ webinar was recorded and has been edited to get rid of the breaks and fluff so that you now have three convenient and easily watchable videos to go through, at your own pace.

In the Videos we go through many of the big problems facing the free-thinking community now, and look at:

Part One

  • Where we started
  • Where we stand
  • The Positive Values we have to build on
  • The things getting in the way
  • The Problems and Challenges we face

Part Two

  • Where we want to be
  • Our desired outcomes
  • What the Government does not want
  • How to keep it simple

Part Three

  • Building Agreement
  • Building Unity
  • Making the Start
  • The Simple Strategy
  • People proof
  • Underground ‘marketing’
  • Your Part in the Mission
  • Common Ground for teaching

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