CCJ Set-Aside Bundle

Everything you need to Apply to Set-Aside a County Court Judgment, PLUS you get the DCA (Debt Collection Agency) Defence Bundle completely FREE!

This solution may assist you if

  • you wish to clean your credit file and remove CCJs,
  • you were unaware that an action had been instigated against you resulting in a CCJ
  • you defended an action, goofed up, lost, and either didn't argue your case well, or have one or two new points you didn't mention at the time: all of which could be used as a negotiation lever.

This solution can be applied to CCJs of ANY amount! Bearing in mind the average loan amount in the UK is £5,000.00, this solution is great value! 

If you're seeking to clear your credit file and get on with your life - this solution could be priceless!

This solution will provide you with an opportunity to either:

  • do battle with your adversary again, or
  • create a new controversy which can be used to open up a negotiation in accordance with the strategy/guidance offered in the "How to Get Rid of CCJs" Webinar.

The Bundle includes all the [England & Wales] Court Forms that you are likely to need. Whilst Court Forms are likely to vary in alternate jurisdictions, the general content may still be relevant in your jurisdiction. 

Also included:

  • Sample Tomlin Order (sanitised)
  • Sample Court Forms 
  • Court Guidance

Note: We cannot provide legal advice, and therefore, nothing provided within the bundle should be construed as legal advice in anyway shape or form. All contents should be viewed as "for educational purposes" only.

We provide you with sanitised samples of the Forms which have been used to achieve success together with explanatory notes  aka "guidance" which walks you through the process should you decide to follow it.

This is Highly Important:

Courts do not generally serve claims by way of Recorded Delivery post, and whilst it may be impossible for the Court to determine whether or not you actually received a claim form, we do expect you to be honest with the Court.




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