The Reaper - Separating the Wheat from the Chaff

With your "rights & freedoms" disappearing fast, an apparent greater level of control being placed in the hands of those supposedly serving you, the threat of door to door testing, vaccinations and an oppressive retail workforce to face: how do you Protect Your Family? Your Property? Yourself? 
In this 4 Hour Webinar - We intend to show you! 
You can access the recording of the all informative Webinar and Handouts now! 
Get the key strategies now!
What Attendees are Saying:
Thank you for today, I'm feeling a lot more positive knowing that there are ways through and strategies to deal with all the nonsense we're facing now, and to deal with all the nonsense we'll be facing in the coming year. Athos
The webinar was fantastic and I will be watching it again for sure!! Paul T.
Cracking info Simon and Mark. Mark C.
Cov-19 seminar is fucking awesome man, still working my way through it. Nawaz
I've not been able to attend any WR seminars for a while now due to time and work. I found the CV19 one a brilliant recap and encouraging during these crazy times we are in. Paul Y.
So enjoyed The Reaper workshop. Ruth P.
Amazing, thank you. Julia J.
You're amazing, Simon. Nicola C.
Great Sunday evening reading my friend. Loved the rest of it too. lol ;-)
Mark Q.
The knowledge you impart is invaluable. Therefore worth every penny. Thank you both. I enjoyed that empowering feeling again. You do a fabulous job. Laura H.
It was heart-strengthening to attend the Wheat from The Chaff webinar. Thank you both so much. To have truth so clearly presented, to be assured that we have many ways to protect ourselves and our loved ones in these times of ubiquitous fear-mongering was powerful medicine indeed. Your courage is inspirational. I appreciate the hard work and dedication to detail that goes into your presentations. Anne H.
I have taken your seminar advice and have made 6 cards and lanyards for the family. The exemption card is a magic 'Harry Potter' device. Peter O.
This has made my night. Thank you, my friend. Brilliant. Mark.
Thank you so much for putting this up Si. The style of writing and language is levels up from anything I have seen and that includes from our learned friends. Ian W.
Bloody epic! Hahahahaha. Cathy B.
Hi Simon and Mark,
Watched all the videos of the covid seminar, will watch them all again as many times as it takes to take everything in.
Absolutely brilliant, just nails everything, thank you.
I purposely went into all the stores/banks that employ the self righteous little hitler mask nazis and their reaction was unbelievable, it was like the parting of the red sea and scoring strikes at 10 pin bowling, scattering them in every direction before they could pounce on me with their b/s.
Once again many thanks chaps.
Steven E.

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