Lien Backed Crypto: Stage 1 ~ Logic and Mechanics Explained

In this Webinar Recording we will explain the logic and the mechanics behind our proposed new Crypto-Currency. We have no doubt it will also give you some ideas away from Crypto-Currency!

This Remedy is applicable to ALL STATES, ALL COUNTRIES. Commercial Practices are Internationally recognised.

In section 4 of the Seminar: Making the SYSTEM Work for You, we discussed the method by which we into to convert lien securities (unrebutted claims) into usable currency; using a Common Law Trust as a vessel to hold the securities. We issue Capital Unit Certificates in the Trust and in turn, we encrypt said Certificates. Hey presto: a new Crypto Currency!

This Webinar is intended to provide detailed clarification as to how we will create a Crypto-Currency using Liens against Banks and other Finance Institutions.


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