How to Deal With Unidentified Unauthorised Bank and Credit Card Debits

What’s going to be covered in the Training?

You get a simple, yet powerful, guide that shows you how to get your money back when banks and credit card companies take it away in error.

It’s more detailed training that builds on some of the information we covered in the show “The Campaign to Get Businesses to do Better” and "How to Hold Corporations to Account".

In the training we tackle the specific situation in which a bank, building society, or credit card company has allowed money to be taken from your account, when it shouldn’t have.

The Problem
We outline the insidious ways that staff in banks and credit card companies ignore your complaints about mistakes, blame you, and then treat you as if you don’t remember what you've done!

The Solution
We outline the simple method you can use to turn the tables and show these members of staff that it's the bank, or credit card company which is at fault - not you! We show you how to achieve this: not by arguing, but by demanding a specific type of proof which they cannot deny you.

The Way Ahead
We show you a real life example of the correspondence and style of questions which has been used to great effect, in getting monies returned to accounts where it has been wrongfully taken…

Getting down to the Nitty Gritty?

It’s happening more and more frequently, whether by debit to a bank account, or a credit card. An unidentified, unknown, debit suddenly appears, and despite phoning the bank or credit card company, lazy staff appear unwilling to investigate, and or unwilling to do the right thing by crediting the monies back. All too often, they appear more than willing to accept the word of some unknown face, working for the alleged retailer, rather than accepting the word of their own customer.

In many cases, the customer is left carrying the can, and has to put the loss down to “experience”, remaining unhappy and rather frustrated.
Yet there is no need to feel like this, and the remedy, whilst protracted at times, is very simple.

And that’s basically what we cover in this short course…

Like all our Guides, this one on “How to Deal With Unidentified Unauthorised Bank and Credit Card Debits” is deliberately written to provide all the information you need to take action, without going into unnecessary details.

It’s divided into parts.

  • We look at the problem from a ‘big-picture’ point of view and with this overview, find out just what is at the root of this problem.
  • Then, there’s the case study which takes you through the entire story from start to finish as an example of how these things can play out, and includes the time-line of what happened.
  • The case study is sub-divided into four sections with the time-line and associated comments being shown next to one another.
  • The scans of the actual documents and correspondence that were received and sent, are also shown.
    Quite rightly, we have included the details of the two companies concerned so you know exactly which companies have been misbehaving.

Simon has distilled, into this guide, his extensive knowledge and experience in dealing with these types of problem (both for himself and friends), and he gives you a very useful, workable, way of applying them to the situations that you might be facing, now or in the “future”.

This methodology has been tried and tested when dealing with banks and credit card companies, but the method outlined can also be used with any company which is trying to take money from you, in one way or another.

The Remedy

There is a saying that goes…

The moment you leave-the-battlefield, or cease “disputing” a bill, you basically just agreed to pay it!

This training is designed to show you how, and when, to ask the RIGHT questions and put the company you’re dealing with in the vulnerable position of having to provide you with information, to show they were right to have allowed the taking of money from you.

Of course the real power comes from creating your own questions – which is easy once you know where to focus your aim!
This automatically places the burden of proof on the shoulders of the Bank, or the Credit Card Company, and more specifically, the retailer or third party company which took your money!

It means you are not in the weak position of attempting to justify yourself.

Talking of the example case we’ve used, to bring home the real life value of this training, Simon says…

“In the case featured, the Company concerned fails to adequately explain the “free-trial” and the financial commitment the customer was allegedly signing up to. We do not claim the Company concerned was attempting to trick anyone, but as you will see, the Bank ultimately backed down and refunded the money.”

Distractions, Spells and Mind Control

One of the biggest problems you’ll face is the fact that staff are trained to use scripts and templates, and these scripts & templates have often been professionally prepared.

So one of the things you’ll gather from this training is how to deal with their use of 'scripts', and more importantly how to spot & overcome the “presumptions” and or “assumptions” that staff use, as if they were/are fact.

You’ll also learn how to test the assumed “qualifications” of staff who are trying to give you advice, which they are most likely not qualified to give; and then how to use the situation to your advantage

The training will also reveal how you should treat the letters and other correspondence you get from the company, and what to do when you disagree with the decisions they make.

This Remedy is applicable to people from ALL STATES, ALL COUNTRIES where credit cards are in use. 

This product/tool is only FREE to Jedii when delivered as part of their ongoing training through the Academy. If Academy Members wish to jump ahead and buy this course separately - it is not free.


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