Get Out of Debt Training Webinar

This Remedy is applicable to people from ALL STATES, ALL COUNTRIES. Commercial Practices are Internationally recognised.

We'll show you how to Get Out of Debt for Free and deal with any amount of unsecured debt by using simple techniques, including a "Right" the Banks have tried to hide from you.

By failing to exercise this 'Right', Banks have been profiting in ways they shouldn't!

This Webinar reveals Spaniard's Strategy for dealing with Personal Loans and Credit Cards as referred to in his Festival presentation.  As an ex-Debt Collector and Bank Manager with more than 600 successes under his belt, he should know what he's talking about!

Here's an example:  

This letter related to a small balance of £3k ish. The good news is this - using our methods - the balance outstanding doesn't matter!

Simon has wiped/frozen or rendered "uncollectable": balances ranging from £250 to £25,000.00 

This is a webinar that will reveal the step by step formula for getting out-of-debt, once and for all!

Attend Now and become Debt Free!

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You will have lifetime access to the footage and handouts **

** assuming you comply with the House Rules.

No refund is available once you access the course, and or download course handouts.

To avoid any upset - you should wait 14 days before accessing course materials which you should consider a cooling off period, after which the 14 day cooling off period will be lost and no refund can be considered.


This product/tool is only FREE to Jedii when delivered as part of their ongoing training through the Academy. If Academy Members wish to jump ahead and buy this course separately - it is not free.

What people have been saying: 


I loved the basic training - it was superb. Specifically - I loved the idea of a 3rd man - it makes sooo much sense.

You seemed to hint that you took on cases (that might be a dated comment on an old video). If you do, what do you charge to do this Simon?

I am considering doing the masterclass but its difficult as I wanted to do the mortgage thingy, the gold thingy first lol !

Thanks again for a great set of videos.

Alan H.

This was really good, my head is spinning a little tho! x Michelle

Well I am pleased to say I have just had a first major win.

In November 2021 I was stupid enough to be sucked into Matrix Freedom and paid money to them for them to destroy my credit rating (which they said would not happen) and do nothing.

I came across White Rabbit Trust about the same time and joined YAYC.

In April 2022, it became very apparent that MF were not doing what they promised and about this time I saw a video from Simon about Stamp and Micheal OB. At about that time I decided to issue a cease and desist to Stamp et al.

Initially I was going to use a third party to fight my debt (two loans with Barclays, a Barclay card, an AA Loan and HMRC demand = all totalling £68,000) But on reflection I figured the only way I am going to learn is by doing, so I started by signing up for the JEDI course last August (22).

The information in there was valuable and gave me the confidence to battle against the DCA, without any fear. Barclays bank were relentless. Every time I batted off a DCA they got another one. I received a letter from TLT solicitors on behalf of Barclays and had my first consultation with Si earlier this year.

Sound advice which I followed. TLT were batted into the long grass and never heard from again. Then Barclays passed it onto Moorcroft, who are bloody relentless - Phone calls, emails, texts 3-4 times a week each time. But i held strong and again sought Si's advice.

This time a different play, which I followed. Yesterday I looked at my Barclays account and saw the following on my Loan account (I cant add photos so I will type what it says "We're sorry, the Loan balance isn't available for this loan at the moment. If you have applied for a new/top up loan, your balance should reflect accurately in the next four working days" When I clicked OK, the message went and showed the loan account as NOT AVAILABLE £23,000 wiped off my account. Now that is a result.

Thanks Si and Mark for all the useful advice and to anyone who has any doubts - it does work! Vince B.


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