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Create Your Own "Get Out Of Debt Business" - The Master-Class

£995.00 GBP (£595.00 to Jedii Warrior Monks) *

We show you how to help-others, and help-yourself, and create an ethical support system in the process ~ wiping-off u...

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Mortgage Destroyer Webinar

£49.95 GBP * (Free to Jedii Warrior Monks)

Got a Mortgage? What if learning one key fact could help you wipe off a %age of the debt? Got a Repayment Mortgage? ...

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Mortgage Seminar November 2015

£99.95 GBP * (Free to Jedii Warrior Monks)

Being chased for a Mortgage shortfall from a previous property? Would you like to wipe-off the debt? Would you like...

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Short Settlement Master-Class

£125.00 GBP * (Free to Jedii Warrior Monks)

You can attend the Master-Class today, from the comfort of you own home. The Master-Class took place on 1st June 201...

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How to Get Rid of CCJs - Webinar (Replay)

£79.95 GBP *

So you've had a CCJ registered against you.... What can you do about it? In this focused Webinar Event our Special ...

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CCJ Removal Service

Price on Application

This Service is for those who lack the confidence and or know-how to do it themselves.The Service is provided by exte...

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DCA Defence Bundle

£149.95 GBP *

If you're being sued, or are about to be sued, by a Debt Collection Agency (DCA) then this Bundle could be the soluti...

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CCJ Set-Aside Bundle

£295.00 GBP *

Everything you need to Apply to Set-Aside a County Court Judgment, PLUS you get the DCA (Debt Collection Agency) Defe...

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Commercial Liens - From Start to Finish


Simon an overview of the process for creating, registering and enforcing a Commercial Lien.  This information i...

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How to Hold Corporations to Account

£49.95 GBP * (Free to Jedii Warrior Monks)

Would you like to receive £3k-10k per annum for complaining when things go wrong? The ProblemGood-Service appe...

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Book a Private Consultation with Simon


Make a donation of £45, or more, toward the upkeep of the site and Simon will donate some of his time to you an...

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Direct Debit Guarantee & Clawback Training

£19.95 GBP * (Free to Jedii Warrior Monks)

You can use the Guarantee to claw back £10's, £100's or £1000's wrongly taken from your Bank Accoun...

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