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Jan 11, 2018

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The Problem and Issue 

Are you worried about the banking system?
Do you trust Banks and bankers?
Have you considered creating your own “bank-of-gold” just in case the banking system ever collapses?

Due Diligence

This is a massive dilemma for those of you seeking to protect your children, grandchildren, extended families and loved ones from the Banks.

Bankers have shown themselves, time and again, to fall well-below the commonly accepted standards of trust and integrity. In short: many people feel that bankers cannot be trusted.  

You sell yourself short

You’re probably aware that you technically have no “money” in the Bank.

Well; the moment you hand cash or cheques to the Bank, they at once become the property of the banker. The true relationship between banker and customer is that of debtor and creditor.  Every “deposit” is in fact a loan, from you, to the Bank.  

Bankers use “your” “money” to serve their own purposes. The “money” (once in their hands) becomes their capital. They invest it, spin it, twist it, turn it and ultimately: profit from it! Banks can make an absolute fortune trading with “your" "money”.

All the while they pay you little or no interest. They don’t cut-you-in on the profits – or to be more precise – you don’t demand a proper and fair return on the loan you make to them!  

So how can you protect yourself from the banks, whilst transforming your energy, and hard-graft (work), into a currency which is widely recognised and accepted as having value? 

The Outline Solution 

  • Would you like the option of buying gold, silver, or platinum, with a lump sum payment, and or monthly contributions?
  • Would you like the ability to spend as little as 25 Euros per month?
  • Would you like the option of either having your precious metals stored for you, or posted to you?
  • Would you like to buy good quality gold at low prices?
  • Would you like the ability to transfer gold to silver, silver to platinum, platinum to gold and or any combination, at no cost?
  • Would you like to be able to transfer your holding of precious metal to one of 22 mainstream bank currencies?
  • Would you like the ability to transfer your holding into bitcoin?
  • Would you like to deal with a well known, reputable company which trades in precious metals and independently insures every transaction?
  • Would you like the ability to manage your holdings online from your pc, laptop or phone?

    If you’ve answered “yes” to the above questions, then we believe we may have a solution for you!

Possible Arguments Against You

If you are seeking to treat this as an “investment” opportunity then be aware, the price of gold (and other precious metals) can go down, as well as up.

Gold can protect you from inflation, but the afore-mentioned applies.
Remember: some people speculate on the price of gold.
Gold should not be seen as a short term profit making opportunity.

The Almost Legal Info

For those of you who are more advanced with your studies, you may choose to tender splinters-of-gold as “payment” for various bills.

If you wish to pursue a modus operandi using splinters of gold – you may wish to consider “paying” in advance, so that you be the creditor, and they be the debtor.

There is nothing stopping you from exchanging gold/silver for goods and services where the other party agrees.

Remember: the agreement of the parties makes the law.

If you want to know which company we are referring to in the video, simply click the blue box on the front page of the site.

Wealth Disclaimer

We do not offer investment advice of any kind. Presenting a product which has investment elements to it does not constitute investment advice and should not be construed as investment advice in any way shape or form. As is the case with anything which you believe has "investment elements", you must assume that there is a risk attached. Therefore, only put in what you can safely afford to lose.

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